What is RISC and RITS?

RISC and RITS RITS comprises a chromodomain protein (Chp1), Argonaute 1 (Ago1), a protein of unknown function, Tas3, as well as siRNA molecules. RITS targets specific chromosomal areas for silencing through the production of a repressive chromatin structure known as heterochromatin through histone methylation.

What is the RITS complex?

The RITS complex contains siRNAs and is the major effector of RNA interference. Heterochromatin assembly is associated with large-scale chromatin condensation to regulate a variety of chromosomal processes, such as centromere formation.

How does RISC recognize siRNA?

RNA-induced silencing complex, or RISC, is a multiprotein complex that incorporates one strand of a small interfering RNA (siRNA) or micro RNA (miRNA). RISC uses the siRNA or miRNA as a template for recognizing complementary mRNA. When it finds a complementary strand, it activates RNase and cleaves the RNA.

What is RISC composed of?

Here we show that RISC is composed of Dicer, the double-stranded RNA binding protein TRBP, and Argonaute2. We demonstrate that this complex can cleave target RNA using precursor microRNA (pre-miRNA) hairpin as the source of siRNA.

Is Dicer part of the RISC complex?

The RNase III Dicer is a critical member of RISC that initiates the RNA interference process by producing double-stranded siRNA or single-stranded miRNA. Dicer also processes pre-miRNA, which forms a hairpin loop structure to mimic dsRNA, in a similar fashion.

Is Dicer and Argonaute?

Human dicer (also known as hsDicer or DICER1) is classified a Ribonuclease III because it contains both helicase and PAZ (Piwi/Argonaute/Zwille) domains. In addition to these domains, hsDicer contains four other functional domains: two RNaseIII domains and two double stranded RNA binding domains (DUF283 and dsRBD).

How does RITS complex work?

The maintenance of heterochromatin regions by RITS complexes has been described as a self-reinforcing feedback loop, in which RITS complexes stably bind the methylated histones of a heterochromatin region using the Chp1 protein and induce co-transcriptional degradation of any nascent messenger RNA (mRNA) transcripts.

What does RISC bind to?

The miRNA or siRNA then binds to an enzyme-containing molecule known as RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). The miRNA-RISC or siRNA-RISC complex binds to target, or complementary, messengerRNA (mRNA) sequences, resulting in the enzymatic cleavage of the target mRNA.

Does siRNA need Dicer?

The synthetic dsRNA employed is typically either a small hairpin RNA (shRNA) or a short interfering RNA (siRNA). In both the natural and the experimental pathways, an enzyme known as DICER is necessary for the formation of miRNA from pre-miRNA or of siRNA from shRNA.

Is Dicer part of RISC complex?

How do siRNA and miRNA affect gene expression?

The siRNA and miRNA both involved in the gene regulation but the nature of the regulatory target is different. For example, the siRNA cleaves the mDNA by binding to the complementary sequences while the miRNA binds to untranslated regions of the mRNA and do the translation repression as well as the mRNA cleavage.

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Which is the heart of the RISC complex?

AGO2 is the heart of the RISC complex. It has four domains; N-terminal domain, PAZ domain, MID domain, and PIWI domain. The PAZ domain and the MID domain bind to the miRNA 3′-and 5′-end, respectively, while the PIWI domain plays the role of cleaving the miRNA [98–104].

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Who are the members of the multiprotein RISC complex?

Red bars indicate terminal regions of the transcript open reading frames, whereas the thin blue bars indicate 3’UTRs. The multiprotein RISC complex works in the final stage of miRNA maturation. The main members of the RISC are DICER, TRBP, PACT, and most importantly Argonaute 2 or AGO2.