What is OLFU G suite?

The OLFU G Suite Account provides Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality for easy access to your Canvas Account. This means that you don’t have to log into Canvas separately— once you have logged into G Suite, just click the G Suite Applications briefcase, scroll down and click the Canvas icon.

Who is the founder of Our Lady of Fatima University?

Jose C. Olivares
In 1967, Jose C. Olivares, a Chemistry professor-entrepreneur and his son-in-law Dr. Vicente M. Santos, a physician, founded Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in Valenzuela, a former municipality of Bulacan.

What is OLFU as an institution?

Our Lady of Fatima University (formerly known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc., and abbreviated as OLFU) is a Higher Education Institution in the Philippines known for its allied medical sciences programs and also offers Basic Education units (Pre-School, Grade school, and Junior High School), Senior High …

How do I log into G suite?

Logging In

  1. On the home page, click the normal Sign In button.
  2. Enter the full email address of your G Suite account, your password and click Sign In.
  3. You are then redirected back to GQueues and signed in with your G Suite account.

Is Fatima university a good school?

About OLFU Quezon City: Over all, the school are highly commendable since it is a private school. The facilities, the school itself and the professors are expected to be always above average. About OLFU Quezon City: OLFU is a good school. They provide quality education and facilities.

How much is tuition at OLFU?

College and Transferees – Tuition fees start at Php 22K per semester. College of Medicine – Tuition fees start at Php 110k per semester. Graduate School – Tuition fees cost Php1,912 per unit.

How do I know if I have a Gsuite account?

How Do I know which version I have? Your edition of G Suite is labeled in the Google Admin Console, which you can find here. In the Admin Console, you must click into the “Billing” section from your Dashboard, to view your G Suite edition.

How is Our Lady of Fatima University doing?

We are glad to share that Our Lady of Fatima University has adopted technological advancements geared to improve each student’s learning experience – beginning with the unveiling of our new University website. There’s a lot more in store, and we’re certain that these innovations will help Fatimanians grow in their journey as future Achievers.

What kind of application is schoolautomate.com?

SchoolAutomate(previously known as SchoolBLIZ) is a integrated, secured application built on Java/JSP/Ajax/Biometric/RFID technology. Visit www.schoolautomate.com …

Who is the current dean of Fatima University?

The Philippine Association of Colleges and Pharmacy (PACOP) elected Dean Olive M. de Vera as their Executive Vice… On 07 July 2021, the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC released the outcome of the June 2021 Pharmacist… 07 June 2021 Fatima alumni continue to rise to the top!

Why is Our Lady of Fatima University called Hilltop?

This Fatima campus, soon known as the Hilltop because of its hilly terrain, constructed a few more buildings in 2003 and 2005 to accommodate the rapidly-growing student population— an affirmation of its acceptance by the people of Quezon City.