What is ALPHA conversion in sap bw?

The “conversion of internal characteristic values”, in short term: “ALPHA conversion”, is a transaction (transaction code RSMDCNVEXIT) that checks the format of all values of characteristics that use one of the conversion routines ALPHA, GJAHR and NUMCV.

What is conversion routine ALPHA?

An ALPHA conversion routine adds leading zeros if the character field only contains numbers. ALPHA conversion routine is registered automatically when a characteristic is created. If you do not want to use this routine, you have to remove it manually. For every conversion routine, two function modules are available.

What is conversion routine SAP?

A conversion routine (also known as a conversion exit) uses a self-written implementation to override standard conversions (where values are passed from an ABAP data object to a dynpro field or from a dynpro field to an ABAP data object and in the formatting of data using the statements WRITE and WRITE TO).

How do I create a conversion routine in ABAP?

Conversion Routines

  1. Step1. Create a DB table with below fields and each field having data element and domain.
  2. Step2. Here the data element.
  3. Step3. The domain with no conversion routine.
  4. Step4. Create the table, activate it.
  5. Step5. Provide the below values and save it.
  6. Step6.
  7. Step7.
  8. Step8.

How do you create a conversion routine?

What is SAP BDC?

BDC (Batch Data Conversion) is an automated procedure for transferring large volumes of external or legacy data into the SAP system using batch input programming and is similar to LSMW.

How do you delete a preceding zero in SAP?

Sample ABAP Code for Removing Preceeding Zeros

  1. REPORT ZTEST_SAPLANE. DATA: gs_saplane TYPE saplane,
  2. * Remove preceeding zeros. SHIFT gv_lin LEFT DELETING LEADING ‘0’. Remove Preceeding Zeros by Calling CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT funcion.

What is the exit conversion?

What is a conversion exit? Conversion exit is a function module, which is used to convert a value from external format to SAP internal format and from internal format to external format.

What is the ” alpha conversion ” in SAP NetWeaver bi?

What is the “ALPHA conversion” about? A characteristic in SAP NetWeaver BI can use a conversion routine like the conversion routine called ALPHA. A conversion routine converts data that a user enters (in so called external format) to an internal format before it is stored on the data base.

When do you use the alpha conversion routine?

The ALPHA conversion routine is used, for example, with account numbers or document numbers. When converting from an external into an internal format this checks whether the entry in the INPUT field is wholly numerical, whether it consists of digits only, possibly with blank spaces before and/or after.

Which is the most important conversion routine in SAP?

The most important conversion routine – due to its common use – is the ALPHA routine that converts purely numeric user input like ‘4711’ into ‘004711’ (assuming that the characteristic value is 6 characters long). If a value is not purely numeric like ‘4711A’ it is left unchanged.

When do I need to convert SAP BW to external format?

For internal purposes and storage of the data SAP BW uses a “internal format”. That determines for example that fiscalyear/period is stored as yyyyppp or a costcenter always has leading zeros. The external format is often different and therefore a conversion is required either from internal to external or vice versa.