What is a Veeder Root TLS 350?

The TLS-350 tank level sensor is the most widely installed tank monitoring solution in the world. Designed for retail and commercial operations wanting the flexibility to choose compliance and fuel management features for their individual operation.

What is a Veeder Root?

A Veeder Root system is an automatic tank gauge (ATG) that can be programmed to monitor several aspects of the use, compliance, and performance of an aboveground or underground storage tank. Veeder-Root is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of a full line of ATGs.

How do you clear a Veeder Root alarm?

The warning/alarm status bar will continue to display until the alarm condition is corrected. Touch the red ALARM RESET button on the console’s front panel to acknowledge the warning/ alarm and shut off the beeper. Warnings and alarms will remain active until the cause of the condition is corrected.

What does a Veeder-Root system do?

Veeder-Root mechanical registers totalize and display high-speed transactions in large, easy-to-read figures, and transmit data to a site controller. Utilizing a geared drive available in a wide selection of ratios, the Meter Register records in practically any unit of liquid measure – gallons, liters, barrels.

How does Veeder-Root work?

The pump pulls fuel out of the storage tank and dispenses it through the product lines and nozzles. These units work on a pressurized system using a submersible turbine pump immersed in the underground storage tanks to deliver fuel to the dispenser.

How do you change the time on a Veeder Root TLS 300?

Select Menu > Setup > Date and Time. Click in the Current Date field and a popup calendar appears, select the current date.

How many wires should be pulled from the power panel to the TLS console for System Power & grounding?

1. Check the Input Power Rating on the label affixed to the underside of the console to verify whether input power requirements are 120 Vac or 240 Vac. 2. Pull three #14 AWG or larger color-coded wires for AC line (hot), AC neutral and chassis ground between the power panel and the console.

Who makes Veeder-Root?

The Gilbarco® brand and companies are acquired by the Danaher Corporation, parent company of Veeder-Root® and the Red Jacket® brands.

Who owns Gilbarco?

Danaher CorporationFortive
Gilbarco Veeder-Root/Parent organizations

How do you change the date and time on a Veeder Root TLS-350?

Setting the time on a TLS-350 Series Console:

  1. Press MODE until SETUP MODE appears.
  2. Press FUNCTION until SYSTEM SETUP appears.
  3. Press STEP until SET MONTH DAY YEAR appears.
  4. Press CHANGE, enter DATE and then press ENTER.
  5. Press STEP until SET TIME appears.
  6. Press CHANGE, enter time and then press ENTER.