What is a sentence with the word servile?

Servile sentence example. Field work is largely performed by a servile class. Distress made him, not servile , but reckless and ungovernable. He was servile and unscrupulous, weak, fond of intrigue, intolerably vain and ambitious.

How do you use shrewd in a sentence?

Shrewd sentence example

  1. Julie gave Adrienne a shrewd look.
  2. He is a very shrewd and garrulous fellow.
  3. It is a shrewd criticism, but needs arguing out.
  4. A shrewd observer at the time pronounced him indispensable.
  5. Tierney was a shrewd man of the world, with a natural aptitude for business.

How do you use subsistence in a sentence?

Subsistence in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The church was accepting donations of food and clothing for community members in need of subsistence.
  2. The poor college student’s subsistence came from donations from his parents.
  3. After the harsh winter and failed crops, the settler’s subsistence was in jeopardy.

How do you use burlesque in a sentence?

Burlesque in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The burlesque war film depicts our president as a kid playing with toy soldiers.
  2. In the burlesque essay, the animals portray exaggerated versions of some of society’s elite.
  3. The characters in the burlesque show are men dressed as loud and obnoxious women.

What is a servile person?

Servile, menial, obsequious, slavish characterize one who behaves like a slave or an inferior. Servile suggests cringing, fawning, and abject submission: servile responses to questions.

What is a sentence for barren?

1) The barren land could produce little food. 2) Thousands of years ago the surface was barren desert. 3) The land is barren on the east coast. 4) We drove through a barren, rocky landscape.

What is shrewd example?

The definition of shrewd is sharp or intelligent with practical concerns. An example of shrewd is only spending money on necessities.

What is a sentence for subsistence farming?

The people of the Renbell Province live a very basic subsistence farming lifestyle. Those who stayed in rural areas live mainly from subsistence farming. They emphasized subsistence farming to grow food for their large families. During the civil war most small-scale farmers reverted to subsistence farming.

What free time means?

Definitions of free time. time that is free from duties or responsibilities. synonyms: spare time. type of: leisure, leisure time. time available for ease and relaxation.