What is a sentence for hoard?

Hoard sentence example. A large hoard of coins was found here in 1891. We may note at the outset the spirit of pessimism which, like the curse on the hoard , pervades the whole. A hoard of about 1,600 silver coins, found at Carditsa in 1914, was acquired by the National Museum of Athens.

How do you use horde in a sentence?

Horde in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The store owner was unprepared for the horde of consumers who rushed into his store.
  2. Because many people cared about the historical church, a horde of volunteers helped repaint the building.
  3. Two bodyguards helped the celebrity walk through a horde of fans.

What word means hoard?

: a supply of words : vocabulary.

When someone is hoarding something it means?

2 psychology : the compulsion to continually accumulate a variety of items that are often considered useless or worthless by others accompanied by an inability to discard the items without great distress Hoarding is marked by an overwhelming desire to collect items and an inability to discard things that may seem …

What makes you a hoarder?

Hoarding is a severe psychological disorder where a person gathers an excessive number of items and stores them. The reasons someone become a hoarder include altered brain connections, genetics, stress, OCD, environmental factors and altered levels of serotonin.

What is the difference between hoard and Horde?

Hoard can be a noun or a verb, referring to a supply of something kept hidden away, or the act of collecting and storing said supply. A hoarder is usually someone who obsessively and unnecessary keeps things they do not need. Horde, on the other hand, refers to a large group of loosely organized people.

What is the difference between Hoard and horde?

What does hordes mean for kids?

Kids Definition of horde : multitude, swarm a horde of ants. More from Merriam-Webster on horde.

What is hoarder means in Tagalog?

Translation for word Hoarder in Tagalog is : nagtatago.

Is it illegal to be a hoarder?

Laws Against Hoarding There are no laws that prohibit hoarding, but there are rules against the problems that hoarding can cause. Hoarders have the right to manage the objects in their home as they see fit—as long as their behavior doesn’t violate housing codes or their obligations to maintain the dwelling.

What is the meaning of hoarding food?

to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place: to hoard food during a shortage. to accumulate money, food, or the like, in a hidden or carefully guarded place for preservation, future use, etc.

What is a Level 1 hoarder?

Level 1. The least severe level of hoarding. There are few indicators at this level, and it may be difficult to tell because the condition might be hidden by the lack of actual clutter. The individual has difficulty throwing items away and shops unreasonably for things they do not need.

How do you know if you’re a hoarder?

According to the Mayo Clinic, some key symptoms to watch out for if you believe you or someone you know may be a hoarder are: Cluttered living spaces. Moving items from one pile to another without the ability to throw anything away. Acquiring useless items, including trash, newspapers, and magazines.

What is considered a hoarder?

The definition of a hoarder is someone who collects things in their home obsessively, including things that would commonly be thrown away: bags, old food, or broken items.

What does hoarder mean?

hoarder – a person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use. pack rat, scavenger, magpie – someone who collects things that have been discarded by others. miser – a stingy hoarder of money and possessions (often living miserably)