What is a secondary picture?

What Are Secondary Images and Why Should I Care? Any image that follows the primary image above the fold on a product page can be referred to as a Secondary Image. Secondary Images are some of the first things your customers see when they land on a Product Description Page (PDP).

Is a picture a secondary source?

A secondary source interprets and analyzes primary sources. These sources are one or more steps removed from the event. Secondary sources may contain pictures, quotes or graphics of primary sources.

Is a photo of an artifact a primary source?

Primary sources are materials from the time of the person or event being researched. Letters, diaries, artifacts, photographs, and other types of first-hand accounts and records are all primary sources.

What are physical artifacts?

Artifacts are physical objects created and used by humans. Artifacts may include such items as eating utensils, tools, clothing, and coins. When written records are scarce, these items help researchers discover how people lived.

Why is an artifact a primary source?

In using artifacts as primary sources you’ve added material culture to your research. In addition to telling you something about its creator, an artifact provides insight into a culture: its customs, preferences, styles, special occasions, work, and play.

How do you know if a journal is primary or secondary?

Primary refers to the fact that it is written by the person who did the research, not a secondary source (like a journalist summarizing the study results for their paper, or a literature review summarizing the research others have done on a topic).

How do you know it’s a primary source?

Published materials can be viewed as primary resources if they come from the time period that is being discussed, and were written or produced by someone with firsthand experience of the event. Often primary sources reflect the individual viewpoint of a participant or observer.