What is a ladder test for load development?

A ladder test is, fundamentally, a method of testing a load combination using continuous increments while looking for a cluster of consecutive shots showing similar points of impact (POI).

What is ladder testing used for?

All ground ladders are checked to make sure appropriate manufacturer’s labels are present and that NFPA standards are disclosed. All extension ladders are tested with special equipment to ensure that the locking mechanisms can withstand 1000 LB’s of pressure.

What is the Satterlee method?

If by “Satterlee method” you mean loading one round per charge weight and looking for flat spots in the velocity graph, that is pure utter horseshit and you are only ever going to see random noise, and the results won’t replicate. You may as well use a Ouija board to pick your charge weights.

What is load development?

In those cases, load development generally revolves around finding a known formula for the components you have available, loading up a handful of test rounds, making sure they work in your gun, then going home and cranking your reloading press handle more anytime you want more ammunition.

Who is Scott Satterlee?

MSG (Retired 3/2016) Served 26 years in United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) with six years in a command directed special mission unit with multiple combat tours including Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines.

How are extension ladders tested?

A specially designed test fixture is used to load the ladder across each extension lock assembly. The ladder locks must be in the set or locked position. The test load shall be applied for a minimum of one minute. Ladders shall sustain this test with no permanent deformation or other visible weakening of the structure.

What is the NFPA standard for ground ladders?

NFPA 1932: Standard on Use, Maintenance, and Service Testing of In-Service Fire Department Ground Ladders.

What is an OCW test?

The OCW approach is doing the exact same thing, except that it is using the centerpoint of 3-shot groups as the determinant on the target. You’re simply looking for two to three successive charge weights that show minimal group center point movement on the target.

What is Rifle load development?

You ship us your rifle and our professional load development staff takes the gun to the range and shoots a variety of bullets and loads until we find a bullet your gun likes the best, then we fine-tune that load until your rifle is shooting the tightest groups possible with hunting ammunition, usually inside .

How bad does copper fouling affect accuracy?

Copper, smeared on steel, can corrode the steel if there’s moisture present. This creates pits, which do a superior job of gouging jackets as bullets pass over them. Very often, a copper-fouled barrel will shoot OK until it’s cleaned, and then it won’t shoot worth a damn.

Can I fit a ladder in my car?

Ladders generally won’t fit in a car boot, so unless you have a van or a pickup truck, your best option is probably to place the ladder on the roof of your car (as pictured above). Whatever method you use, it’s very important to ensure that the ladder is properly secured before you set off.

How many loads are tested in a ladder test?

The six loads tested separated by 0.1gn. In the last issue, I briefly explained Creighton Audette’s Ladder Test or Incremental Load Development Method (ILDM).

How is ladder test used for rifle development?

The ladder test method for development of a load for your rifle is proven by reloaders and expert shooters accross the world to work. Here’s how. Without your bullet velocity, accurate load development is not possible. A chronograph, needs to be used correctly in order to obtain the correct velocity.

What’s the best way to improve the ladder test?

In the next instalment, I’ll be using another load development method, that of Dan Newberry’s, known as the Optimal Charge Weight (OCW) method, which is supposed to be a significant improvement on the Ladder Test. Finally, keep shooting and never lose your curiosity. This article was first published in Sporting Shooter, October 2009.

Which is the best method for load development?

Load development is one of the most important aspects when it comes to precision rifle shooting, there are three main load development methods. Introduction to the Ladder Test, Shooting and Aiming Accurate shooting is as much about shooting and technique as it is about load development.