What is a Hydro Flame Furnace?

The Hydro Flame RV Furnace is one of the first units you’ll encounter in your search. This is a lightweight, compact model, weighing in at just 23 pounds with dimensions of 11-3/8″ high, 8-3/8″ wide, and 20-1/2″ deep.

Who makes Hydro Flame Furnace?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Atwood
Brand ‎Atwood
Model ‎32690
Item Weight ‎29 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎20 x 16.5 x 7 inches

How do I light the hydro flame on my RV furnace?

How to Light an Atwood Hydro-Flame Furnace

  1. Charge your RV’s battery up and turn the Atwood Hydro-Flame furnace’s gas valve on to the “pilot” position.
  2. Light a match while pushing and holding the gas valve.
  3. Allow the gas flame to burn for a moment before switching the gas valve over to the “on” position.

Are Dometic and Atwood the same company?

Atwood is now Dometic Atwood Mobile Products was founded in 1909 as the Atwood Vacuum Machine Company by brothers James and Seth Atwood.

Where is the flame sensor on an RV furnace?

A furnace flame sensor is a very basic part of your furnace. It’s located on the burner assembly and is just a thin metallic rod. It’s usually bent, and it sits just in front of the pilot flame inside the furnace.

What is a sail switch in a furnace?

A sail switch, vane switch or flow switch is a mechanical switch that is actuated on or off in response to the flow or non-flow such as air or water. For some HVAC systems, a sail switch can activate an electronic air cleaner, a humidifier, or other equipment in response to airflow from the system fan.

How does a thermostat work in a camper?

The RV thermostat works as an interface between you and your HVAC system and furnace. It tells those systems when to turn on and off, and in the case of programmable RV thermostats, can even change temperatures per your preset wishes.

How do I test my RV thermostat?

Of course, if you are trying to check your heat increase the temperature by at least 10 degrees. For an analog thermostat move the slider well past the current temperature in the direction you want the temperature to go. If you don’t hear an audible “click” then it’s likely your thermostat is the problem.

Did Dometic buy Atwood?

In 2014 Dometic purchased Atwood Mobile Products to complement and bolster Dometic’s robust product line.

Who owns Atwood Mobile Products?

Dometic Corporation
Atwood Mobile Products LLC/Parent organizations

What kind of Furnace is a hydroflame 8012-2?

This is a parts breakdown for the Dometic™ (Hydroflame) 8012-II RV Propane Heater / Furnace. The 8012-II is a forced-air furnace that uses a heat exchanger to force the heater air into your living quarters, similar to a household furnace.

Why does my hydro flame furnace not light?

While the blower motor and fans produce an air stream, the control circuit board would open the gas valve and make the igniter generate sparks. After that, the burner ignites and heat would steadily accumulate in the furnace combustion chamber.

Why does the Atwood hydro flame furnace not light?

After that, the burner ignites and heat would steadily accumulate in the furnace combustion chamber. The air stream that circulates through the outlets would be warmed by the heat until the set temperature is reached.

Where is the hydro flame on my spotty Sportster?

The Furnace in My 1968 Spotty Sportster is a Hydro Flame. It hangs on the end of Cabinet where stove & oven are. It is Vented out side behind the door. Since there is no battery in the Camper I was wondering if it worked by convection. It looks like it has some kind of Thermostat on outside of Heater.