What is a dissertation supervisor?

A dissertation supervisor provides regular guidance and support to a student undertaking a dissertation. Working in partnership with the student a supervisor assists in the definition of a research topic the design of a programme of study and the implementation of this.

How do I become a good dissertation supervisor?

In ranked order (see Table 2 for more detail) the ‘top five’ are: subject knowledge and grasp of relevant literature; realism, in terms of helping the student to deter- mine what is feasible; responsiveness and willingness to negotiate with the supervisee; an ability to nurture and encourage the student, showing …

What should I ask my PhD supervisor?

Top questions to ask a potential PhD supervisor How many years does a PhD normally last in your lab? What type of guidance will I receive at the beginning and throughout the project? How flexible is this project? What is the funding situation? Can I be part of a graduate school? How many papers am I expected to publish?

What are good questions to ask a supervisor?

22 questions to ask your supervisorWhat are your expectations of me as an employee in this position? How can we create an ideal workflow? Can you recommend any books or media? What performance goals should I be setting? How can you help me work toward my personal goals and objectives?

How can I contact my supervisor?

When you are ready to contact potential supervisors, approaching them by email is a good initial step. Ensure that your messages are tailored to each professor, not generic. You must catch the interest of the professor quickly and make a good first impression. Write a concise and professional letter.