What happened to MK consumer units?

MK pulls the plug on consumer units MK Electric, owned by US conglomerate Honeywell, has announced plans to quit the circuit protection business and discontinue the Sentry consumer unit product range.

Why did MK stop making consumer units?

Production of their Sentry range will cease in December 2019, with MK citing ‘uncertainty of the transition between the 17th and 18th Edition’ regulations as the reason for this decision.

Does MK make consumer units?

of new properties. The MK Sentry metal consumer unit portfolio has a stronger, more robust design with a top hinged door that prevents the door being left open after use, which could lead to a possible fire risk. Consumer Units. …

Which is the best consumer unit?

We always recommend Hager or other large brand name manufacturers when it comes to choosing a consumer unit or fuse board. Hager, Wylex and Schneider Electric are all premium brands and are of the highest quality.

What is MK Sentry?

RANGE INTRODUCTION. The Sentry range of Consumer Units from MK Electric has been stylishly designed to blend in with its environment. The curved lines and slim-line appearance mean it won’t look out of place when installed in hallways, lounges or kitchens of new properties.

Are metal consumer units mandatory?

Do consumer units have to be metal? Since regulations changed in 2016, all domestic consumer units must be either enclosed in a non-combustible material or housed in a cabinet made from a non-combustible material. Consumer units made out of non-ferrous metals such as steel would pass these regulations.

When should I replace my consumer unit?

Furthermore, homeowners should have their consumer unit check at least every ten years, although you can do this more frequently if you wish. Landlords are required to have the check performed more often, every five years, and if new tenants move in, it should be checked again.

Can I replace my consumer unit myself?

You may need some work doing and want to replace the board yourself. You may also find that your old fuse board is struggling to cope with the power demands of your modern home. Unless you live in a new build property, you should inspect your fuse board to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

Can you fit a consumer unit yourself?

No it must be done by a registered electrician like NAPIT or NIE EIC, as you will need a certificate for the job, shop around as prices can be up to £500 to get it done, you may need a earthing upgrade to your gas and water as well.

Can I replace my own consumer unit?

Can I Change My Own Consumer Unit? This is not a DIY job. Unless you are a qualified electrician, then you should not try to replace your own consumer unit. It is a legal requirement that this type of electrical work is carried out by a certified professional.

What kind of MCB is a Mk consumer unit?

The modern MCB’s are BS EN 60898 type B, C or D. Commonly type B is used but there are still some older type 1 and type 2 MCB’s around which are no longer manufactured. Ask him to justify his statement. Yep, its rubbish!

Why did Mk discontinue their comsumer unit?

Blaming issues moving from 17th to 18th edition. I didnt realise MK used siemens technology inside there protective devices. MK have been going down hill for a while the prices they charge I would unless an offer is around always go for Hager. Not sure what this means in future for getting mcbs etc for existing boards?

Can a 17th edition Mk cu be converted?

Got a consumer unit to upgrade to 17th edition. The existing is an MK CU with BS 3871 MCB’s with a couple old type RCCB’s for Garage and downstairs sockets. The tails are 25mm2 so that’s ok, but the Main Earth is undersized. The problem is that space is very very limited.

Who is the parent company of MK Electric?

MK Electric, owned by US conglomerate Honeywell, has announced plans to quit the circuit protection business and discontinue the Sentry consumer unit product range. In a notice sent out to electrical wholesalers this week, the company blamed the complexities of the transition between 17th and 18th edition wiring regulations.