What episode is DJs Mix on Shake It Up?

Home Alone It Up
They are in the episode “Home Alone It Up”.

Who was the DJ in Shake It Up?

Jaycee Wilkins and Dylynn Jones make an appearance. They are DJs Mix. They are from Arizona and we both part of fresh faces and on Americas got talent.

Who won the Shake It Up Dance Competition?

In the end, AKsquared was declared the winners and appeared in the episode Camp It Up.

How old is Jaycee Wilkins?

Jaycee Wilkins

g Jaycee Wilkins
Born: November 24, 2002
Age: 18
Home: Queen Creek, Arizona
Occupation: Dancer Student Model

Why did Gunther leave Shake It Up?

Favorite Answer The only reason why he left was because he was offered a leading role in a show called “Contest”. They’ll get to their destination and say, “See, I’m a good person. RE: Why did Kenton Duty (Gunther Hessenheffer) leave Shake It Up?

Why did Kenton Duty Leave Shake It Up?

Gunther came to America with his family when he was a child. In the third season, Kenton Duty couldn’t return to Shake It Up, so Gunther goes back to his unnamed country but it was rumoured that he will continue to be a guest star in season 3. It was later revealed that he wouldn’t appear in season three at all.

When was the Shake It Up Dance Competition?

It is the second and final dance contest for Shake it Up….Make Your Mark: Shake It Up Dance Off.

Broadcast Information
Original channel:
Disney Channel
Original run:
October 2012

Who was in AK squared?

AKsquared is the winning dance group from the Disney Channel reality competition Make Your Mark: The Ultimate Dance Off. They are from Arizona. AKsquared includes Alyssa, Arielle, Kailey and Kalani who range in age from 10 to 14 years old.

What disease did Jaycee Wilkins have?

By October 2015, the pain was constant and so bad I couldn’t dance at all. I knew something was wrong. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, I was diagnosed with Perthes disease. Perthes disease is a childhood disease that occurs when the blood flow to the femur bone is mysteriously cut off.

What is Jaycee Wilkins from?

Jaycee Wilkins (born November 24, 2002) is an 18-year old dancer from Club Dance Studio….Jaycee Wilkins.

g Jaycee Wilkins
Born: November 24, 2002
Age: 18
Home: Queen Creek, Arizona
Occupation: Dancer Student Model

Who does Gunther end up with?

In Friends season 10, Gunther finally found the courage to confess his love for Rachel. He told her his true feelings in the series finale episode, “The Last One”.

Are Ty and Rocky Twins?

Ty Blue. Ty Blue, portrayed by Roshon Fegan, is Rocky’s older brother who is an aspiring actor and rapper and host of Shake It Up Chicago.