What does the GrimmSpeed EBCS do?

The Original Direct-Fit BCS for turbo Subarus. Unlike your OEM 2-port solenoid, the GrimmSpeed BCS will allow for extremely high resolution boost control, providing your tuner with the hardware he needs to safely tune your car with rock solid boost levels.

What does EBCS do WRX?

The 3 Port EBCS is a solenoid that does just what the name implies. It controls boost pressure. In a turbocharged vehicle, there are a couple components that make up the boost control system. The wastegate and the boost controller.

What does a boost controller do WRX?

Typically boost controller limits the amount of boost into your engine.

What does a boost control solenoid do?

In most turbo applications the boost solenoid is used to bleed boost pressure off the hose that actuates the wastegate actuator. In these applications the boost control solenoid has 2 ports, an IN and an OUT.

What does a charge pipe do WRX?

Better Airflow The PERRIN Charge Pipe has a perfectly smooth interior, constant radii, and gradual bends, making for much more efficient air delivery. This all combines to increase horsepower and improve boost response.

How does the GrimmSpeed AOS work?

A: When the oil vapors are mixed into the intake system, it effectively lowers the octane which can cause detonation. Installing our AOS will eliminate the oil vapors in your intake system thus eliminating the loss of octane.

What does TGV delete do WRX?

So a TGV delete is essentially a riser plate which takes place of the TGV and remains hollow on the inside and all your OEM parts for over them. Max air flow, more airflow is more power.

How important is the restrictor pill WRX?

The restrictor pill restricts the airflow so the wastegate solenoid valve and wastegate actuator are not overdriven, which would force the wastegate valve to open prematurely. Vacuum Lines – Vacuum lines plumb pressurized air to the proper components so the Subaru boost control system works properly.

What happens when a wastegate fails?

Dramatic decrease in fuel economy However, when the wastegate hose is broken, leaking or blocked, it will cause more raw fuel to be expelled from the exhaust system without being burned. This will result in a rapid loss in fuel and significantly reduced fuel economy.

What happens when a turbo actuator fails?

If the electronic actuator has failed to open the nozzle ring assembly vanes under acceleration, the turbo will also fail to operate efficiently. If the vanes are set to a closed position, it can cause choking of the engine or overspeeding of the turbine.

Do charge pipes add horsepower WRX?