What does brink mean?

1 : edge especially : the edge at the top of a steep place. 2 : a bank especially of a river. 3 : the point of onset : verge on the brink of war.

What does brink in a synonym?

edge, verge, margin, rim, lip. extremity, border, boundary, fringe. perimeter, circumference, periphery. limit, limits, bound, bounds.

What is Brink in Tagalog?

Translation for word Brink in Tagalog is : bingit.

Is brink good or bad?

Brink received mixed or average reviews. GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Xbox 360 version 69.74% and 68/100, the PlayStation 3 version 69.63% and 72/100 and the PC version 68.94% and 70/100. Game Informer criticized the single-player experience and said that “Brink is not a bad game.

What does it mean to be on the brink of death?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English the brink (of something)a situation when you are almost in a new situation, usually a bad oneon the brink of death/disaster/war etc In October 1962 the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war.

What does it mean to be on the verge of tears?

: at the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen The company was on the verge of going bankrupt. The child was on the verge of tears.

What is the synonym and antonym of Brink?

noun. ( ˈbrɪŋk) A region marking a boundary. Antonyms. recede dull end middle increase minimum. bound edge threshold verge.

What is the sentence of Brink?

We were almost on the brink of it. They will not see the horror, because they have never known it, and, like us in 1914, they will plunge over the brink. We are on the brink of a pay explosion once again. None of them wanted to be the first over the brink; one might even say over the cliff edge.

What does brink of death mean?

Is on the brink?

On the verge of doing something or of having some imminent event happen, especially that which is bad or disastrous.

Can you play brink offline?

Brink promises to blend offline and online co-op into a seamless experience with persistent characters that can join games at anytime.

Is on the verge of death?

This often refers to something that is half dead or on the verge of death. By 2130 she was in very ill health and on the verge of death from cancer.

What does the name Brink mean?

Brink is a Low German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish toponymic surname. The Dutch and Low German meaning is ” village green “. In Danish and Swedish, the name is thought to be a borrowing of Middle Dutch brinc / brink, meaning “grassy edge” or perhaps “slope”,, and the Danish word now means “where the water runs deep”.

What is another word for Brink?

brink, threshold, verge(noun) a region marking a boundary. Synonyms: verge, doorsill, doorstep, scepter, doorway, wand, limen, sceptre, threshold, room access, door. brink(noun) the edge of a steep place.

What does the phrase go to the brink mean?

Brinkmanship is the ostensible escalation of threats to achieve one’s aims. The word was probably coined by Adlai Stevenson in his criticism of the philosophy described as “going to the brink” in an interview with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles under the Eisenhower administration, during the Cold War.

What does on the brink of mean?

The definition of “on the brink of” is: about to experience something negative. “on the brink of” means. about to experience something negative. Example Sentences: The US economy is on the brink of a recession. My son is on the brink of getting forced to leave his university because his grades are bad.