What does abduct mean?

1 : to seize and take away (a person) by force The girl was abducted by kidnappers. 2 : to draw or spread away (a part of the body, such as a limb or the fingers) from a position near or parallel to the median axis of the body or from the axis of a limb a muscle that abducts the arm.

What is abduction vs adduction?

“Abduction refers to your body part moving away from the midline of your body, adduction is coming towards the midline of your body,” explains Kewley. He points out that “if you think about it, if you’re always working abduction and not working adduction you’re not actually working any of your adductors in your body.”

What is abduction used for?

This term has meaning to the lay person in terms of a pet or child being abducted or “taken away”. So abduction means to keep the legs apart or “away” from each other. Through simple deduction, adduction means the opposite- to draw inward, or closer to the body.

What does supination mean in medical terms?

Supination and pronation are terms used to describe the up or down orientation of your hand, arm, or foot. When your palm or forearm faces up, it’s supinated. When your palm or forearm faces down, it’s pronated. Supination means that when you walk, your weight tends to be more on the outside of your foot.

How do you use abduct?

Abduct sentence example

  1. If someone attempts to abduct you, make noise.
  2. Here is the picture of the woman who tried to abduct the millionaire’s young child.
  3. They shoot to death four people that stop there and also abduct a woman.

What body parts use abduction?

For example, abduction is raising the arm at the shoulder joint, moving it laterally away from the body, while adduction brings the arm down to the side of the body. Similarly, abduction and adduction at the wrist moves the hand away from or toward the midline of the body.

How do you fix Overpronation?

Ways to Help Correct Overpronation​

  1. Top picks for motion control shoes. Motion control shoes are built to correct for overpronation.
  2. Custom orthotics can provide motion control. These are prescribed by a podiatrist and individually designed to meet the specific need of each foot.
  3. Barefoot running.

What is female abduction?

There were many different reasons to abduct women. In many cases, women were kidnapped for marriage because people were supposed to marry outside their own social group. During wars and raids, too, women were a frequent target for abduction. Plundering soldiers viewed them as prizes and kidnapped them as slaves.

What does abduction mean in medical terms?

Abduction refers to the movement of structures or limbs away from the middle of the body by the contraction of abductor muscles.

What is the medical definition of abduction?

Medical Definition of abduct. : to draw away (as a limb) from a position near or parallel to the median axis of the body the peroneus longus extends, abducts, and everts the foot— C. R. Bardeen also : to move (similar parts) apart abduct adjoining fingers.

What is abduction exercise?

Abduction is defined as the movement of a body part, specifically the limbs and digits away from the body’s side. So an abduction exercise would be the moving of a limb away from the body. The shoulder side raise and the side lying leg lift are two examples of abduction exercises. The shoulder side raise is performed standing with arms at the side.