What do you need to know about crankcases?

Frame and running gear (Crankcase and crosshead). Typical crankcase condition monitoring and safety devices are: Relief device—To prevent crankcase breakage in the event of explosion (caused by entrance of process gas into the crankcase). Breather vent—To allow removal of entrained air from the lube oil.

What makes a sputhe big twin crank case special?

Current Sputhe Big Twin crankcases embody all the technological subtleties learned from our earlier crankcases as well as incorporating the best design features of the other crankcases currently on the market. Sputhe crankcases have a combination of features not available from any other manufacturer.

How does a crank case support the bearing?

The crankcase supports the crank shaft bearings, provides a sump for the bearing and crosshead lube oil and provides support for the crosshead assembly. Fig 3.4.1.

What kind of crank case do I need for a Harley Davidson?

Start with a Sputhe FATVO crankcase. Add stock Evo 4.25” stroke flywheels. Add Sputhe 3 7/8” forged pistons. Top with Twin Cam heads and cylinders. Cam and carburate to taste. Install in any chassis designed for an Evolution engine.


What does the crankcase do in a four stroke engine?

Most four-stroke engines use a crankcase that contains the engine’s lubricating oil, as either a wet sump system or the less common dry sump system. Unlike a two-stroke (crankcase-compression) engine, the crankcase in a four-stroke engine is not used for the fuel/air mixture.

Which is an example of a crankcase sentence?

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What kind of steel is a crankcase made of?

The crankshaft is a one-piece alloy steel forging, fully machined incorporating oil ways and an integral driving flange at one end. The whole of the rotating and reciprocating masses is balanced. All bearings, pistons, connecting rods, cam shafts, crankshaft, etc., are accurately machined to standard sizes.