What companies were involved in the fur trade?

Here’s a look at some of the real players in the industry that created Canada.

  • Compagnie de la Nouvelle France.
  • The Hudson’s Bay Company.
  • Compagnie de la Baie du Nord.
  • The North West Company.
  • XY Company.

Where did the English fur traders build their fur trading posts?

Starting in 1830, theHudson’s Bay Companyopened posts in this northern region of the Innu, supplied first from Fort Chimo and later from North West River, Labrador. Thefur trade was the focus of Innu-European relations for two centuries.

When did fur trade start in Alaska?

The commercialized Alaskan fur trade began with the arrival of Russians in the north Pacific around the mid-1600s. The upper classes of China became a large consumer due to the popularity of luxurious, waterproof fur garment.

Who was the most powerful fur trader?

Jedediah Strong Smith, one of America’s greatest trapper-explorers, is born in Bainbridge, New York. Smith explored a stunningly large area of the Far West during his short life. He began his western voyages in 1822, when he joined the pioneering fur trader William Ashley on a trip up the Missouri River.

What was the largest fur trading company?

American Fur Company
The largest of the companies in the United States was John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company, which also came into conflict with the North West Company, notably in 1812–13 at the Pacific coast establishment of Astoria.

What is beaver fur called?

The North American beaver is the continent largest rodent. Its amphibious body is covered with a soft felt-like under fur that is 1 inch thick. This under layer of barbed hairs is called fur-wool and it is covered by a protective over layer of coarse guard hairs measuring about 2 inches in length.

Why is beaver fur so valuable?

Mammal winter pelts were prized for warmth, particularly animal pelts for beaver wool felt hats, which were an expensive status symbol in Europe. The demand for beaver wool felt hats was such that the beaver in Europe and European Russia had largely disappeared through exploitation.

What is otter fur used for?

Today sea and river otters are the main bearers of fur. It is commonly used for coats, hats trimming and lining.

How did the fur trade affect westward movement?

The fur trade of the 1800s played a major role in America’s westward expansion. In exchange for furs and robes, the American Indians received processed and manufactured goods like tobacco, liquor, firearms, tools, metalware, clothing and glass beads.

Who gained trade and furs wealth?

By 1800, Astor was recognized as the leading American merchant in the fur trade and was thought to be worth a quarter of a million dollars. He was still only beginning.

What were the three major fur trading markets?

The chief markets were Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac, and Detroit, but there were also important posts in the St. Joseph and Grand River Valleys. To expand the fur trade into the western Great Lakes, the French made alliances with Indian nations, whose members had the skills to hunt and trap at a commercial level.

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