What channel is WSIX FM?

97.9 FM
WSIX-FM (97.9 FM, “The Big 98”) is a radio station licensed to serve Nashville, Tennessee….WSIX-FM.

Frequency 97.9 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding The Big 98 WSIX
Format Country
Subchannels HD2: Talk (WLAC simulcast) HD3: “The Big Legend” (Classic country)

What channel is Z100 on SiriusXM radio?

XM Channel 12
KIIS-FM, a Top 40 station based in Los Angeles, CA is now simulcasting on XM Channel 11; Z100, the nation’s largest CHR/Top 40 station based in New York City, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 12; WLTW Lite FM, an adult contemporary station in NYC, is now simulcasting on XM Channel 13; WSIX, a country station based in …

What channel is the Bobby Bones Show on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM channel 57
The program, which is transitioning from a contemporary hit radio format, will debut on Nashville’s The WSIX(FM) Feb. 18 and will air in the Monday through Friday, 5–10 a.m. CT timeslot, as well as the station’s simulcast on SiriusXM channel 57.

What channel is prime country?

Prime Country is a country radio channel on Sirius XM Radio channel 58 and DISH Network channel 6058.

What is Bobby Bones radio station number?

Lunchbox is truly mastering his prank calls. The Bobby Bones Show was informed by a listener that our 1-877-77-BOBBY phone number closely resembles another number that starts with 1-800.

What station is iHeartRadio in Nashville?

The BIG 98 | iHeartRadio.

What happened to Kiss FM on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM recently had a channel refresh and Z100 has been removed from their station. At the time, SiriusXM left only two channels which are ownership of iHeartMedia, KIIS-FM Los Angeles and Z100. But after the refresh this week, XM decided to leave KIIS-FM Los Angeles on its station and move Z100 somewhere else.

Why is Z100 no longer on SiriusXM?

What happened to Z100 on XM? It really started back in 2013 when a deal was struck between iHeartMedia, which owns Z100, and Sirius XM. With the new refreshing of the channels that happened on June 18, only KIIS-FM Los Angeles is left on XM. IHeartMedia Z100 is now off the service and is no longer on Sirius XM.

What station is Bobby Bones on in Florida?

Broadcasting live from WSIX in Nashville, The Bobby Bones Show airs weekday mornings from 5 to 10 a.m. CT….The Bobby Bones Show names launch affiliates.

Nashville, TN WSIX-FM
Findlay, OH/Cincinnati WCKY-FM
Las Vegas, NV KWNR-FM
Austin, TX KASE-FM
Ft. Myers-Naples-Marco Island, FL WCKT-FM

What is Bobby Bones phone number?

For years our listeners have been able to reach us by calling in at 1-877-77-BOBBY. They’ve also been able to reach out via our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What channels are country on XM radio?


  • The Highway. Today’s Country Hits.
  • Prime Country. ’80s/’90s Country Hits.
  • Willies Roadhouse. Willie’s Classic Country.
  • Outlaw Country. Music That Won’t Be Fenced In.
  • Y2Kountry. This Millennium’s Country Hits.
  • Dwight Yoakam and The Bakersfield Beat. Dwight Yoakam’s Music Channel.
  • No Shoes Radio.
  • Red White & Booze.

What stations are country on Sirius?

What You’ll Hear. Check out the #1 country station in the SiriusXM Music for Business lineup: Channel 56 SiriusXM’s New Country. You’ll hear top artists like Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett and more on this country music station!

When did Sirius XM start having different channels?

Since 2008, Sirius XM Radio has had a similar channel lineup, with a few differences based on whether the individual has a Sirius Satellite Radio or an XM Satellite Radio.

How to manage your SiriusXM radio account online?

Sign Up for Personalized Communications Refresh My Radio Add or Transfer Service I’m in a Trial Register to Listen Online Add Trial to My Account Transfer Subscription to My New Car Subscribe to Keep Listening Help & Support Radio Not Working? Help!

What kind of country music is on SiriusXM?

Only on SiriusXM. Listen to new country music including the hottest country superstars, up-and-coming artists, and the very latest discoveries direct from Nashville. New Country music including the hottest country superstars, up-and-coming artists, and the very latest discoveries direct from Nashville.

Who are the hosts of WSIX FM in Nashville?

WSIX-FMHD2 launched with a new country format, branded as WSIXtra and later The Nashville Channel. In August 2014, it was replaced by No Shoes Radio, which featured a freeform format curated and hosted by country musician Kenny Chesney. It was also available nationally on iHeartRadio and sister station KNIX-FM.