What can you say to someone turning 50?

May your day be filled with the best music, great friends, and amazing times. #19 Let the good times roll…you only turn 50 once, and it’s time to celebrate! Happy birthday, to the coolest person on the block. #20 50 years Fabulous, 50 years Fun, 50 years Fierce!

What do I say to my wife turning 50?

“Cheers to the 50 awesome years of your life. Let’s spend the other 50 with fun, happiness, and more love.” “Darling, thank you for being a sweet partner. I wish you good health and success on your 50th birthday.”

How do you write a 50th birthday speech?

How to Write a 50th Birthday Speech

  1. Keep your 50th birthday speech about three minutes in length.
  2. Start your speech off with a brief introduction of who you are and how you are related to the guest of honor.
  3. Fit the main part of your speech to complement the personality of the guest of honor.

What is 50 years birthday called?

Golden jubilee
Latin-derived numerical names

Anniversary Latin-derived term Other terms
50 years Semicentennial / Quinquagenary Golden jubilee
55 years Quinquinquagennial / Quinquinquagenary
60 years Sexagennial / Sexagenary Diamond jubilee
65 years Quinsexagennial Blue Sapphire jubilee

What is the color for a 50th birthday?

Gold. Fifty is often referred to as the “golden age.” As such, use gold as the primary color to decorate your birthday bash. Use golden champagne glasses, plates and silverware for meals and snacks. You can also use gold tablecloths and banners to ensure that the golden theme is present throughout the party venue.

Is 50 the golden birthday?

Turning 50 has also been considered a golden birthday year, and many people choose to decorate with black and gold. Any of the above ideas can be easily translated to a 50th birthday party—just go extra big on the 50th birthday invitation, golden birthday gift, and cake!

What are some short quotes for turning 50?

Happy 50th anniversary!

  • Do you remember how excited you were when you turned 10?
  • and family that have made you what you are today!
  • You are not 50 years old.
  • They say 50 is the new 40.
  • All good things come at age 50.
  • Happy 50th birthday.
  • What is good about turning 50?

    50 Good Things About Turning 50 Years Old. Many people tell jokes about turning 50, but funny stuff aside, there are a lot of benefits, as well. You’re less fearful. You’re not afraid to have opinions. You know yourself. You have a greater appreciation of life. It’s easier to laugh at yourself. It’s easier to laugh at others.

    What are some good 50th birthday ideas?

    Some of the 50th birthday ideas for women in the outdoor & adrenaline category, that are suitable for groups, include: Zipline and canopy tours (inc moonlit options) Sunset Horse Riding. winery bike & kayak tour. wilderness & survival clinics (optional overnight survival trip)

    What to write on a 50th birthday card?

    What to write in a 50th birthday card Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 50. Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 50. Congratulations and commiserations on your big birthday. Now that you’re 50 you’ve probably got more hair where you don’t want it and less hair where you do want it.