What are the odds of winning Lottario?

The odds of winning the Lottario jackpot are 1 in 4,072,530. Players can win Lottario prizes at five different tiers, with overall odds of 1 in 21 of winning a prize.

How do you win Lottario?

Lottario is a pick 6/45 lottery, which means you’ll need to match 6 numbers out of 45 possible balls to win the jackpot. While Lottario is the easiest lottery to play in Canada that has a jackpot prize of over $100,000, the odds of winning are still quite high at 1 in 8,145,060.

How many numbers do you need to win Lottario?

six numbers
Choose six numbers from 1 to 45 or ask your lottery retailer for a Quick Pick. Match six of six numbers to win the jackpot.

What is Lottario worth?

Main Jackpot starts at $250,000 and grows until won. $50,000 Early Bird Draw. Draws every Saturday.

Which Canadian lottery has the best odds of winning?

The one lottery that stands out from the crowd is Quebec’s Banco Special. Your chances of winning a $1-million windfall in the game are 1 in 4.8 million—far better than any other lottery in its class.

Where was the winning Lottario ticket sold?

TORONTO — One of the two winning $70 million Lotto Max tickets in Tuesday’s record-breaking draw was sold in Toronto, the OLG confirms. The owner of the winning Toronto ticket, along with a lucky person in British Columbia who also won, will each walk away with $35 million.

How much do you win with 4 numbers on Lottario?


Match Prize Payout Odds of Winning*
5/6 $500 1 in 17,862
4/6 + Bonus $30 1 in 7,145
4/6 $10 1 in 386
3/6 + Bonus $5 1 in 290

Did anyone win the 649 last night?

TORONTO – The $6 million jackpot in Saturday’s Lotto 649 draw was won by a ticket holder in Ontario. And the draw’s guaranteed $1 million prize went to a lottery player in Quebec.

Are winning lottery numbers repeated?

Yes, lottery winning numbers repeat. The frequency of this happening, however, cannot be predicted. Mathematicians have been so interested in the question that some have even attempted to establish the amount of time that can pass between drawings that feature repeat winning numbers.

Is winning the lottery possible?

Yes, it is very much possible to win the lottery online. In fact, there are many people who have won by playing online through portals like Lottoland and become rich. The best part of playing online is that you get multiple options at one place and you can choose the ones you want to try.

What is Ontario Lottery?

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation ( French: Société des loteries et des jeux de l’Ontario ), known for corporate branding purposes simply as OLG since 2006, is a Crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario, Canada. It is responsible for the province’s lotteries, charity and Aboriginal casinos, commercial casinos, and slot machines at horse-racing tracks.

What is the Ontario Lottery Corporation?

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is an Operational Enterprise Agency created by the Government of Ontario . OLG and its affiliated companies employ more than 18,000 people throughout the province.