What are the bad areas of Jacksonville FL?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Jacksonville, FL

  • 29th And Chase. Population 1,790. 396 %
  • East Jacksonville. Population 2,371. 366 %
  • Mid-Westside. Population 7,026. 351 %
  • Springfield. Population 5,730. 256 %
  • Moncrief Park. Population 3,030. 240 %
  • Mixon Town. Population 1,124.
  • Lackawanna. Population 2,578.
  • New Town. Population 2,199.

What is the best suburb of Jacksonville FL?

Best Suburbs Near Jacksonville, Florida

  • Oakleaf Plantation. Population: 20,315. Median Home Value: $211,500.
  • Lakeside. Population: 30,943.
  • Yulee. Population: 11,491.
  • Fernandina Beach. Population: 12,558.
  • St. Augustine.
  • Fleming Island. Population: 27,126.
  • Kingsland, Georgia. Population: 17,949.
  • Nocatee. Population: 13,266.

Is Jacksonville Florida a safe city to live in?

Living in Jacksonville, FL. Offering residents a suburban feel, Jacksonville is one of the best places to live in Florida. This city is safe and full of restaurants, parks, and lots of things to do. The most populous city in the state, Jacksonville currently has around 911,507 people living in the area.

What is the nice part of Jacksonville?

Some of the most desirable and priciest neighborhoods in Jax are the Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach areas. The median price of a single-family home at the beach is north of $300,000. That’s not oceanfront, mind you, but no one lives far from the water here.

Where do the rich live in Jacksonville FL?

Detailed List Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Jacksonville For 2021

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income<
1 Monclair $120,577
2 Deerwood $112,246
3 Miramar $102,356
4 Ortega $99,424

Which is better Orlando or Jacksonville?

If you’re looking for more diversity, lots of people, awesome food, and plenty of attractions, Orlando is probably right up your alley. If you like the idea of a thriving metropolis, but appreciate Southern hospitality and coastal life, Jacksonville likely floats your boat.

Where is the safest place to live in Jacksonville FL?

10 Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida!

  • San Marco. This small and quiet little neighborhood of San Marco is a popular hub of chic boutiques, trendy bars, and relaxed bistros.
  • Downtown Jacksonville.
  • Southside.
  • Riverside.
  • Five Points.
  • Deerwood.
  • The Beaches.
  • Orange Park.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Jacksonville FL?

To compare some Northeast Florida counties: In Duval County, Jacksonville residents need an annual income of $37,880, or an hourly wage of $18.21, to afford the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment — about $947 a month.

Is it better to live in Jacksonville or Orlando?

What are the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville Florida?

Here are the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville for 2019: Saint Johns Bluff (Homes) Ortega Forest (Homes) Isle Of Palms (Homes) Secret Cove (Homes) Julington Creek (Homes) Beach Haven (Homes) Jacksonville Beach (Homes)

What are the high crime areas in Jacksonville Florida?

There’s a lot of crime in Northwest Jacksonville, and it’s also creeping into Arlington, specifically near the north end of University Boulevard. Chunks of the Westside and Murray Hill are high on the list, on the Westside namely near where 103rd intersects Lane Avenue. The city is focusing on cleaning up those areas.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Florida?

Statistically, the safest areas in Florida are: Satellite Beach Key Biscayne Marco Island Naples North Palm Beach

Is Jacksonville a safe city?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While Jacksonville may be the murder capital of Florida, it is far from the most violent city in the Sunshine State , based on the Safest Cities in Florida rankings by Alarms.org. The company’s report found Jacksonville was the 133rd safest of 157 Florida cities.