What are the 13 characteristics of Chipotle?

What’s more, Chipotle believes that its top performers exhibit 13 distinctive characteristics. They strive to find people who are: motivated, infectiously enthusiastic, respectful, curious, presentable, happy, honest, polite, smart, ambitious, high energy, hospitable, and conscientious.

Is it hard to get hired at Chipotle?

Working as a crew member at Chipotle can be a great entry-level job as they prefer to train people with no experience. Getting hired isn’t hard; you just have to do your research and have the 13 characteristics that Chipotle looks for in prospective team members.

What does Chipotle offer their employees?

In addition to its tuition reimbursement program, which was expanded to include hourly employees in 2015, Chipotle offers other competitive benefits including paid sick leave and vacation for all employees, including hourly workers; health, dental and vision insurance; a 401(k) matching program; employee stock purchase …

How does Chipotle train their employees?

Orientation took about 4 hours of training videos, then you experience a 3-day training with a co-worker, first day you shadow the worker, second day you guys both do work, and third day the trainer will shadow you. Somebody will take you through the initial training process including clocking in, serving food, etc.

What is Chipotle motto?

Chipotle’s motto of “food with integrity” was inspired by what founder Steve Ells learned about American food production. Ells became committed to serving food that was ethically and naturally produced, which Chipotle claims results in meat that is tastier than what other restaurants serve.

What is a top performer Chipotle?

What does it mean to be a top performer? Chipotle definition – A person who has the desire and ability to perform excellent work, and whose constant effort to do so elevates them, their team, and Chipotle. A person who develops a team of top performers who are empowered to achieve high standards.

Does Chipotle hire on the spot?

Chipotle Prep Cook: Definitely be ready to be bombarded. Definitely ask help, ask questions. Present yourself in a good way. They can hire on the spot if you present yourself the right way.

What are the requirements to work at Chipotle?

Managerial candidates generally face more scrutiny to gain employment with Chipotle, as applicants must be at least 18, hold previous and related experience, high school diplomas, and strong organizational and leadership skills.

Does Chipotle employees get free food?

As a Chipotle crew member, you will receive one free meal for every daily shift. That means one entrée, one drink, and one side.

How long are breaks at Chipotle?

Chipotle mandates employees take one uninterrupted 30-minute meal break if they work over five hours, and two 30-minute meal breaks if they work more than 10 hours. Managers are to provide employees with a 10-minute rest break if they work three and one-half hours or more.

How long is training at Chipotle?

What is orientation at Chipotle? You will be assisted by a crew member or a boss. After completing 4 hours of training videos, you will participate in a 3-day training with a coworker. On the first day, you will shadow the worker, on the second day, you will both work, and on the third day, the teacher will shadow you.

How many hours do you have to work at Chipotle?

They work anywhere from 40-50 hours unless they are scheduled as part-time.

What are the 13 characteristics of Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Specifically, they are looking for people with 13 distinctive characteristic traits: motivated, infectiously enthusiastic, respectful, curious, presentable, happy, honest, polite, smart, ambitious, high energy, hospitable and conscientious.

What makes a good candidate for a job at Chipotle?

The 13 Characteristics have carried over as not only a part of Chipotle hiring culture, but of its career pathing as well. More than 95% of the restaurant chain’s managers have been promoted from crew member positions, according to Winslow.

What are the 13 traits of Chipotle CEO Monty Moran?

The company’s co-CEO Monty Moran has developed a list of go-or-no-go traits called the “The 13 Characteristics” that are used in all hiring and promotion assessments. The reason? Ultimately, Moran is looking for people who want careers vs. jobs, explains Danielle Winslow, Chipotle spokesperson.