What are lateral files?

Lateral filing is when papers are added from the side of the file and the identification tab is on the side of the file. To pull the document out, you grab the sides edges. The main benefit of this type of filing system is that it is more space efficient.

Do lateral file cabinets hold more?

Lateral (not vertical) file cabinets hold more. While vertical file cabinets are often chosen because they take up less wall space, it’s the lateral file cabinets that store the most paperwork.

What are the advantages of lateral filing?

Documents can lay flat in the file for easy photo-coping, without having to remove the documents. Different types of files for different uses. Easy identification with colour coding labels. The folder is lighter, easier to carry and retrieve from top shelves.

What does a lateral file look like?

Lateral files are identified by labels on the side edge of a file, and they’re organized horizontally rather than vertically. They don’t always require drawers but instead can sit inside open shelving systems. Files are pulled in and out of the shelves by their edges.

How deep are lateral file cabinets?

Lateral file cabinets might only be about 15 to 20 inches deep. The heights vary based on drawer count. For example, a two-drawer cabinet is about 28 inches tall, and a three-drawer cabinet is about 40 inches tall.

What is the standard height of a file room?

The typical office vertical file cabinet is 28½ inches deep and the drawer holds 27 inches of files. Shallower cabinets are also made: 26½-inch deep cabinets with 25″ drawer depth, 25″ deep cabinets with 23½-inch drawers….Vertical files.

Number of drawers Typical height
2 29″
3 40″
4 52″
5 60″

How many files can a lateral file cabinet hold?

Lateral files can have as few as two and as many as seven drawers, with most two drawer units being low profile enough to fit underneath a work surface. Vertical files have narrow but deep drawers, usually measuring 15″-20″ wide.

What are vertical files in a library?

Libraries and archives often maintain what they arcanely call “vertical files,” defined by Merriam-Webster as “a collection of articles (as pamphlets and clippings) that is maintained (as in a library) to answer brief questions or to provide points of information not easily located.” Other definitions note that the …

What are the types of filing system?

Filing and classification systems fall into three main types: alphabetical, numeric and alphanumeric. Each of these types of filing systems has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the information being filed and classified.

What is the opposite of a lateral file cabinet?

Front-to-back filing is the opposite of side-by-side and refers to filing folders that are organized in a column from front to back. This is the most common way to file letter-size hanging folders in a vertical file and legal-size hanging folders in a lateral file.

How deep is a lateral file?

Lateral files are wider than they are deep. Widths may be 30, 36 (33¼ inches of filing space, measured laterally), 38, 42, or 44 inches (the last with 39¼ inches of filing space)….Lateral files.

Number of drawers Typical height
2 28″
3 40″
4 50″–53″
5 64″–66″

What is a lateral file?

Lateral Files are a newer breed. They’re wider and sit closer to the wall, instead of sticking out so far into the room. They usually accommodate letter-sized files or legal-sized files. They often have built in sides that you can hang legal-sized hanging files on directly.

How do you remove lateral file drawer?

Remove one screw using a screwdriver, from the front of the runners on both sides of the drawer, located about 1 inch from the front of the runners. Depress a tab with your fingers on both sides above the screw holes.

What is a horizontal file?

Horizontal filing is one of the modern method used in office filing system. The Horizontal filing indicates the horizontal position of files. The papers, documents and letters are kept in a horizontal or flat position in such a way that one on the top of another. The filing is made on date wise.

What is vertical file storage?

A vertical file cabinet is a piece of office equipment in which files full of documents can be stored. The cabinet usually features two or more drawers in which files can be stored, and these drawers may or may not feature locking mechanisms to keep the stored files secured from theft or tampering. A vertical file cabinet can be made from metal or wood, depending on the needs and aesthetic desires of the office workers and owners.