What are good readings for a Catholic funeral?

Catholic Funeral Readings from the New Testament

  • Romans 14:7-9. Life and death are both in God’s hands.
  • 1 Corinthians 15:52. At the resurrection, you will see your loved one again.
  • Romans 8:33-35. This is a beautiful promise for Judgment Day.
  • 2 Timothy 4:6-8.
  • 2 Corinthians 4:14-15.

What Psalm is appropriate for a Catholic funeral?

Psalm 24: To You, O Lord, I Lift Up My Soul And set me free from my distress. Preserve my life and rescue me. Do not disappoint me, you are my refuge.

What are the readings for All Saints Day?

Solemnity of All Saints

  • Reading 1. RV 7:2-4, 9-14. I, John, saw another angel come up from the East, holding the seal of the living God.
  • Responsorial Psalm. PS 24:1BC-2, 3-4AB, 5-6. R.
  • Reading 2. 1 JN 3:1-3. Beloved:
  • Alleluia. MT 11:28. R.
  • Gospel. MT 5:1-12A. When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain,

How many readings are in a Catholic Mass?

On Sundays and solemnities, three Scripture readings are given. On other days there are only two. If there are three readings, the first is from the Old Testament (a term wider than Hebrew Scriptures, since it includes the Deuterocanonical Books), or the Acts of the Apostles during Eastertide.

What are the three readings in a Catholic Mass?

On Sundays, each Mass has three readings: the first from the Old Testament, the second from an Apostle (either from a Letter or from the Book of Revelation, depending on the season), and the third from the Gospels.

Do all Catholic churches have the same readings?

Every day has its own unique prayers and readings chosen by the Church, not the individual parish.

What do you say at the end of a Catholic reading?

The Gospel of the Lord
To conclude the Gospel reading, the priest or deacon proclaims: “The Gospel of the Lord” and the faithful respond, “Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ.” The priest or deacon then kisses the book.

What to say after reading a Psalm?

After, the reader says, “The Word of the Lord” and the People respond, “Thanks be to God.” For the Psalm, it is traditional to read responsively (reader says one part and the people the next). After the Psalm it is customary to say the Gloria Patri.