What are billet valve covers?

Description. Billet Valve Covers. PRP’s billet valve covers are a very special addition to any engine. Each cover is fully billet constructed from 6061 aluminum and machined to a high quality finish. All covers will come complete with an anodized finish, and a press in steel insert washer in all bolt holes.

Does valve covers add horsepower?

As the name implies, a valve cover is just a cover; its function is to protect the innards from the outside elements. It has no direct impact on engine performance unless the original valve cover was damaged or cracked to begin with.

What Chevy engine has center bolt valve covers?

The specific engine that hot rodding folks refer to as “the” Vortec, is the 1996-2003 350 with the vertical intake manifold bolts. As I said earlier, the center bolt valve covers were introduced in 1987 on small block V8 engines, and the Vortec name was first used on the 4.3 V6 in 1985.

Do valve covers matter?

When it comes to engine parts, they don’t get much more basic than the valve covers. Valve covers are not under any stress so historically they’ve been made out of simple stamped steel. But like anything, the more serious the engine gets, the more design changes may be needed in the valve covers.

Does valve cover height matter?

Tall valve covers have added clearance over stock covers. If you upgrade to a High-Lift Camshaft, full roller rockers, and/or Shaft Mount Rockers, you will probably need tall covers. If you have a close-to-stock camshaft and valvetrain, you should be able to use stock height covers.

What’s the best thing to clean aluminum valve covers?

I’d soak them in some Simple Green cleaner if you are worried about anything abrasive on the finish. Soak them for a couple days then hit ’em with a high pressure hose. Once you get them cleaned then you can buff them to a mirrored shine if you want.

Do you need valve cover breathers?

Yes you do need something to vent the crankcase pressure or you’ll start noticing stuff like blown out intake end seals, leaky rear main seal, dipstick blown out of the tube, etc… A hi-performance engine has more crankcase pressure so more “breather” is needed.

Will TBI valve covers fit Vortec heads?

Vortec and TBI valve covers are the same. As long as it’s a 305/350 either will fit.

How many bolts does a Vortec head have?

True Vortec heads have only 8 bolts, and they go straight down.