What album is the Beatles song Hey Jude on?

Hey Jude
Hey Jude/Album

What is the Beatles album Hey Jude worth?

Sixteen Beatles collectors bid on a ‘Hey Jude’ album that went up for auction on eBay last week. Ten days after its initial posting, the record, which started out at $9.99, landed the seller a grand total of $1,914.99.

What is the swear word in Hey Jude?

Paul drops the f-word at the 2:58 mark of ‘Hey Jude’ While “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” grated on the nerves of John Lennon, “Hey Jude” struck John and the other band members as a winner from the start. And they agreed it should be the Fab Four’s next single. (John thought Paul wrote it as a coded message to him.)

Is the Hey Jude album Rare?

Although the album Hey Jude sold millions when issued in America in 1970 in the U.K., it was only pressed up as an export album for sale overseas. Thus, although a U.S. copy is common, a U.K. pressing with the silver/black label boxed EMI logo and the magical CPCS 106 catalog number is worth $600.

Who really wrote Eleanor Rigby?

Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Eleanor Rigby/Lyricists

How many songs did Beatles write?

The Beatles have written 229 songs, and they’ve released covers of songs from various artists, with most of them from lead guitarist George Harrison. They’ve produced 20 number one hits and have sold over 188 million records in the US alone.

How much is a numbered Beatles White album Worth?

The estimated market value is $52.88. Mavin found 7.2K sold results, ranging in value from $7.81 to $349.00. Use the check boxes to choose comparables and save a price estimate.

Who wrote the word by the Beatles?

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
The Word/Composers

Is the Beatles White album worth anything?

The Beatles have topped a list of the most valuable vinyl records. The Fab Four’s self-titled LP commonly known as the ‘White Album’, was among the 20 most valuable records compiled by LoveAntiques.com with a rare copy of the album owned by drummer Ringo Starr selling at auction for $ 790,000 (£ 522,438).

What is the meaning behind Hey Jude?

Meaning of “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. “Hey Jude” is a song by the iconic British rock band The Beatles. This song, which is widely regarded as the ultimate comfort song , was written for a very young boy whose parents were undergoing a divorce.

What album was Hey Jude on?

Hey Jude (original title: The Beatles Again) is a 1970 collection of non-album Beatles singles and B-sides, as well as ” I Should Have Known Better ” and ” Can’t Buy Me Love “, two singles released by Capitol Records whose only previous American album appearance had been on the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack album which had…

What is the story of Hey Jude?

The story of Jude. “Hey Jude” is a song Paul McCartney wrote to comfort John Lennon’s son, Julian, during his parents’ divorce. “Hey Jude” was released in August 1968 as the first single from The Beatles’ record label Apple Records.

When was Hey Jude released?

“Hey Jude” was released in August 1968 as the first single from the Beatles’ record label Apple Records. More than seven minutes in length, “Hey Jude” was, at the time, the longest single ever to top the British charts.