Was Sean Connery ever on Jeopardy?

For a certain generation, Sean Connery’s biggest role isn’t James Bond, but rather his recurring role on “Saturday Night Live’s” “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch — even though he never actually appeared on the show.

What episode of SNL is Celebrity Jeopardy on?

Norm Macdonald appeared as Burt Reynolds in six sketches. Jimmy Fallon also appeared six times, portraying a different character in each appearance. On several occasions, Celebrity Jeopardy!…Episodes.

Original airdate December 7, 1996
Episode S22:E08
Celebrities impersonated Sean Connery
Burt Reynolds
Jerry Lewis

Did Sean Connery and Alex Trebek ever meet?

Sean Connery and Alex Trebek may never have met in real life, but “Saturday Night Live” planted the idea of them as forever antagonists with its running “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit, featuring Will Ferrell as a so-so Trebek (Eugene Levy cornered the market decades before, on “SCTV.” Norm MacDonald, who created the ” …

What did Alex Trebek think of SNL Celebrity Jeopardy?

Trebek said that he loved SNL’s “Jeopardy” sketches and was “extremely disappointed when Will left. We’ve never had any contestants as ornery as the Sean Connery character that Darrell Hammond portrays. I’ve been asked how I would feel if we had Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy!

Who has won Celebrity Jeopardy?

Here are some of the big money winners on Celebrity Jeopardy.

  • 8 Cheech Marin.
  • 7 Penn Jillette.
  • 6 Aisha Tyler.
  • 5 Wayne Brady.
  • 4 Neil Patrick Harris.
  • 3 Aaron Rodgers.
  • 2 Jane Kaczmarek.
  • 1 Andy Richter.

Who played jeopardy on SNL?

The late comedian played Burt Reynolds on the show’s recurring “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch.

Has there ever been a Celebrity Jeopardy?

Celebrity Jeopardy! aired on October 26, 1992. On the Trebek version, Celebrity Jeopardy! has traditionally been broadcast annually as a weeklong event, and on occasion, there has been a specific version of this event, called Power Players Week; it features personalities in politics and journalism. …

Did Sean Connery ever host SNL?

The comedian posted an SNL sketch from 1999 wherein his Sean Connery played a round of Celebrity Jeopardy!, hosted by Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek. The comedians’ Connery has made appearances alongside other actors’ Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robin Williams, Burt Reynolds and Justin Bieber. Connery died Saturday.

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Who played Connery on SNL?

Darrell Hammond
Portrayed by Darrell Hammond, Connery was a constant fixture on the popular sketch “Celebrity Jeopardy,” where he had an uncanny ability for lewd misreadings of categories (“I’ll take ‘Anal Bum Cover’ for $7,000”) and an inexplicable bone to pick with host Alex Trebek, played by Will Ferrell.

What did Alex Trebek think of Will Ferrell?

Alex Trebek was a huge fan of the Saturday Night Live sketches that poked fun at Jeopardy!, but he said there was another actor besides Will Ferrell who did his favorite impersonation. The iconic and beloved game show host died Sunday. “I loved them,” Trebek said.

Has there ever been a celebrity jeopardy?

Who played Alex Trebek on SNL?

SNL‘s Celebrity Jeopardy sketch made its debut on December 7, 1996 with Will Ferrell playing Alex Trebek, the real life host of the popular syndicated series, since 1984.

Who plays Sean Connery on SNL jeopardy?

Ferrell portrays Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek . Darrell Hammond also appeared in each sketch, usually portraying Sean Connery, in an impersonation that typically involves crass insults directed at Trebek. Norm Macdonald appeared as Burt Reynolds in six sketches.

Who are the celebrities on Jeopardy?

Since its debut, Celebrity Jeopardy! has featured over 200 celebrity contestants, including Anderson Cooper, Lauren Graham, Jodie Foster, Ashton Kutcher, Nathan Lane, Chris Matthews, Harry Connick, Jr., Neil Patrick Harris, Lynn Redgrave , LeVar Burton , Andy Richter , David Duchovny , Wayne Brady, Star Jones, Jane Seymour, Jason Alexander, Regis