Was Annette Mills related to John Mills?

Annette Mills (born Edith Mabel Mills; 10 September 1894 – 10 January 1955) was an English actress, dancer, songwriter and television presenter, best known for presenting the children’s television show Muffin the Mule….

Annette Mills
Relatives John Mills (brother) Susie Blake (granddaughter)

How old is Annette Mills?

60 years (1894–1955)
Annette Mills/Age at death

What happened to Muffin the Mule?

The animated animal character proved popular, and ran on BBC television up until the year 1955 when the BBC decided to discontinue the show after Annette Mills’ death.

Who was the puppeteer for Muffin the Mule?

Ann Hogarth
Ann Hogarth, puppeteer; born 19 July 1919; married Jan Bussell (died 1985; one daughter); died 9 April 1993. ANN HOGARTH was the operator of Muffin the Mule, the star of the BBC’s first children’s programme, and of many other puppets too.

Why is Muffin the Mule illegal?

The trust directed them to the BBC who held the copyright. In turn the BBC took a dim view of the prospect of having dear old Muffin decorating greasy bikers and said they would not give permission and it would be illegal to use Muffin on the badge. Hence Muffin the Mule is Illegal.

Who is John Mills sister?

Annette Mills
John Mills/Sisters

Is Muffin the Mule a criminal Offence?

Muffin the Mule is Not a Criminal Offence – Woven Patch.

When did Muffin the Mule end?

January 1955
The BBC broadcast Muffin the Mule on alternate Sundays for 8½ years, attracting fans including David Attenborough and Michael Palin, but stopped in January 1955 because of the sudden death of Annette Mills, the presenter who spoke and sang to the puppet.

When did Annette Mills make Muffin the mule?

songfacts ®. Although it may sound like an indictable offense, Muffin the Mule was a popular children’s puppet from 1950’s British television. The character, which was actually created as long ago as 1933, featured in its own TV show from 1946 until 1955 when presenter Annette Mills died.

Who are the characters in Annette Mills and Muffin?

The shows were broadcast live until 1952, when they began to be filmed. Later, Mills and Muffin were joined in the BBC’s For the Children spot by Prudence the Kitten, Mr Peregrine the Penguin, Sally the Sea-Lion, Louise the Lamb, Oswald the Ostrich, and Morris and Doris the field mice.

Who was the first husband of Annette Mills?

Annette Mills was married twice, with a daughter, Molly Blake, by her first husband, Henry McClenaghan; her second marriage, to Robert Sielle, ended in divorce. Molly was a successful illustrator and produced many of the illustrations in the popular series of children’s books of Muffin the Mule stories.

When did Annette Mills first appear on TV?

She made her first BBC Television appearance in June 1946, as a singer, pianist and story teller on For the Children. She suggested that the top of her piano could be used as a stage for puppets to illustrate her stories, and a disused marionette of a mule, whom she called “Muffin”, was used.