Useful Ways to Boost Your CSGO Rank

Who doesn’t love to play games? We all do! At the moment, there are several games that launched online in an abundance and you could acquire such online games via the Internet. Amongst such popular games comes the CS:GO a.k.a Counter Strike which is the most popular amongst the gamers; be it teenagers or adults, no one has ever hated this game.

How Many Wins To Rank Up in CSGO

If you, too, are a gamer and are all cynical about CS:GO, then you probably want to higher up your CSGO Rank, as well. What if I tell you a secret? What if, I tell you- there are ways to augment your CSGO Rank.

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Ever since Counter Strike released in the year 1999, it has launched several new games. Counter strike: Global Offensive has not only become one of the most famous first-person shooter games worldwide, however, has been successful in receiving an enormous development in the eSport industry. When a player is at a professional level, he is placed in a 5-man team that contends for huge prize pools. No wonder why the gamers are so crazy about this game!

Useful Ways to Boost Your CSGO Rank

How to boost up your CSGO Rank

If you’re a gamer and you play this game, then you’d know the struggle behind boosting your current CSGO Rank- it is IMPOSSIBLE! However if you’re looking for a way to increase your CSGO ranking in the game you should take a look at the following ways to boost your CSGO rankings:

  1.       Profile ranking: The primary thing that matters in every CSGO gaming is its profile ranking. In order to attain this rank, one needs to win multiple rounds & levels through which he gains XPs, higher the level, higher will be the XPs. Though playing in competitive mode could win you more XPs, however, you‘d need to win as many levels possible.
  2. Competitive rankings: it is harder than the profile ranking. Obtaining a better profile ranking is easy, however, acquiring better competitive rankings are even harder. Presently, there are about 18 ranks available in the competitive mode along with two factors that ascertain your probability of obtaining competitive ranking. Number one factor would be the number of wins and losses and the second one is MVP.

These two matters the most when it comes to improving your CSGO Rank. By acquiring better profile and competitive rankings, you could evidently rank higher in the CSGO.

How it actually works?

Prior we get into how it all works, let just learn about the ranks first. If you’re new to this Competitive matchmaking or an old CS player that deterred yourself from playing games due to some reason, this ‘rank’ thing would be entirely new for you.

There are 18 ranks currently in the game which ascertain the level of people you will be matched against and give you a hard time in determining how good you are. As we have already discussed the fact above, in order to higher up your ranks you would need to get ranked first and to attain a first rank you are going to be needing a profile rank. Profile ranks are used to get drops-in games and keep the cheaters at bay so that they couldn’t ruin the game.

Once you have obtained the Private rank 2, you’d be fit to play competitive matchmaking and once you have won 10 games, you will be presented a rank. The rank could be anything from Silver, Nova, Master guardian and Eagle ranks. Though many couldn’t have gone farther than the Eagle ranks (i.e Global or Supreme.)

Now, coming to the point- how it actually works?  

In order to rank higher, the only two things you’d require are- patience and practice. If possible discover a bunch of player to play along on a regular ground.

To boost your CSGO Rank, you need to win competitive matchmaking and you don’t get any ranks in any other games but competitive matchmaking. First of all, you’d need your team to win 16 points initially. When you are winning and playing good, you get Elo points.

What an Elo ranking, if you ask me- its ranking system is quite complicated, and no one had the audacity to fully comprehend the whole game technique in CSGO.

You gain Elo points when you play against players who have a higher rank than you, which is when the game becomes slightly more difficult, since you are competing against players that have a higher rank than yours.

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