Rent Porsche Macan with RealCar

If you live in New York or plan a trip there, you probably know about the enormous prices for car parking and repairing services. Therefore, it is rather difficult to afford a luxury car in NYC. However, there is a perfect alternative that will save you money and provide you with even more comfortable conditions. And if we talk about car hire Manhattan is definitely the place where people are already used to this service. RealCar renting company is one of the leading representatives in this sphere.

Why Should You Choose RealCar?

RealCar provides high-quality renting services for clients in NYC and is about to start the same activity in Boston and Miami. By selecting this company, you deprive yourself of paying extra money for maintaining your own car as well as spending too much time on waiting for a cab. The renting procedure implies that you make a booking of any car presented by the RealCar company in advance and agree on the date and place where the employees will deliver it.

At the end, you just need to return a car in good condition. One of the main advantages of RealCar services is the range of cars which they offer: BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Jaguar – everyone will find a luxurious car according to their preferences.

Enjoy Porsche Macan from RealCar

Porsche Macan hire is one of the most popular in RealCar since this car is probably the most compact SUV among all represented ones. You will not find a better option for a joyride or usual weekend getaway due to the combination of sports and magnificence. This car is so specific due to the following features:

  • leather interior of a high quality;
  • 4-wheel-drive;
  • heated seats;
  • navigation by voice;
  • developed sound system;
  • modern sun-roof system;
  • steering wheel.

Porsche Macan has 5 available seats so it will be appropriate even for a big family. The car has 340 horsepower and fuel consumption amounts for 23 highway miles per gallon.