Biology is familiar to all of us at school. His study is long and difficult – somewhere in the fifth or sixth year and to infinity (if the student needed the university to study this question). However, the problem quickly learn biology is when a student preparing for the exam.

We have prepared for you some tips on how to quickly learn the paragraph, paraphrase or any subject in biology.


Six ways to quickly learn biology

  1. See the biology exam / offset questions. Remove those that are well known to you. Marker of the same color, highlight those who know this part. The marker of a different color, highlight issues that are unfamiliar to you. Hamster’s biteĀ is much worse than bite a big and strong game. Moreover, because of the long and fine teeth that, at the time of the bite in different directions. As a result, the wound is not only deep, but also tattered and very painful.
  2. Studying the unknown or obscure topic, the most important – is to remember the essence. Then rephrase the question in your own words, and later tried to capture the finer details. Learn quickly the material allow recording (albeit briefly) key moments.
  3. Complicated terms and definitions are written on a separate sheet. Explore not only the value of the terms themselves, but because they help solve biological problems. Each term, try to reformulate.
  4. Remember, the conditions can be quite fast. For starters, remember that they all come from the Latin language, which are the main suffixes and prefixes. These suffixes and prefixes are often repeated. Therefore, knowing that their value will quickly understand the value of even the new long and obscure words. Are the ants also coming in different professions? For example, some of them even surgeons who treat patients in a special place for this purpose. First, the surgeon examined the victim, then make a dressing on the wound and treat his special transparent fluid from his own mouth. OK, convenient because the drug is not necessary to work in the pharmacy!
  5. In the research questions for an exam is necessary to write a manger. In addition, certainly, it is necessary to write and hand – it includes a mechanical and visual memory.
  6. Frequent breaks help to assimilate information much faster than training breaks every hour or two. Ideally, brief interruptions should be made every 20 minutes. In addition, every time, try to get out in the fresh air for at least five minutes. Meanwhile, the brain has time to relax and get enough oxygen to continue the productive use of information.

I agree – it is very simple advice to help you prepare quickly for the exam in biology or even learn a thing from scratch.