Is Volvo V50 reliable?

They are normally very reliable and comfortable but are expensive for spares and regular servicing. They are a safety first company and my favorite is the V70,however my existing car is the V50.

How many miles will a Volvo V50 last?

That being said, with the proper care the average lifespan of a Volvo is typically 20 years with over 200,000 miles.

Is the Volvo V50 Turbo?

Volvo V50 T5 AWD The top-of-the-line model in the V50 programme is a four-wheel-drive, turbocharged Volvo, the V50 T5 AWD. It has a five-cylinder, 2.5-litre petrol engine with a light-pressure turbocharger. Turbo technology produces exceptional torque from low to high revs.

Is Volvo V50 discontinued?

Volvo Discontinues S40 and V50 in U.S.

Does Volvo V50 have a timing chain?

The Volvo V50 comes equipped with a timing belt instead of a timing chain. A belt is less durable than a chain and should be replaced every 60,000-100,000 miles.

When should a Volvo V50 timing belt be changed?

Our database suggests that it’s every 10 years for all versions of the V50 or 108,000 miles (just under 174,000km).

Are Volvos good high mileage cars?

Volvo cars have long had the reputation of being able to endure high mileage with little difficulty, and with great reliability. The cars remain looking great despite their epic mileages. There is also the Official Volvo High Mileage Register and you see can that HERE.

Does a Volvo V50 have a timing belt?

The Volvo V50 comes equipped with a timing belt instead of a timing chain. A belt is less durable than a chain and should be replaced every 60,000-100,000 miles. Volvo recommends every 120,000 miles for the V50.

Is the Volvo V50 fast?

Fast Volvos rarely hit the mark and after sampling the 170bhp 2.4-litre model, there’s little to modify that opinion. This engine will still get to 60mph in 7.9 seconds but needs a bit more work to do so.

What does the V stand for in Volvo V50?

V stands for Versatility. With three estate models – the Volvo V40, Volvo V70 and Volvo V90 – and a wide range of four, five and six-cylinder engines, as well as a broad programme of equipment, Volvo is strengthening its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible five-door cars.

Does the Volvo V50 have a timing belt or chain?

Does Volvo C30 have timing belt or chain?

The Volvo C30 uses a timing chain instead of a belt that would require maintenance. Most use timing belts, including 1.6 petrol and diesel, 2.0 diesel, 2.4 petrol and diesel and 2.5 turbo petrol. The 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines use timing chains.

What are the best mods for a Volvo V50?

The best mods we would do for your V50 are remaps, sports camshafts and induction improvements. NASP engines do not achieve big power gains if you remap them, unless you have done extensive modifications. With turbocharged engines this is another story.

How long does it take to tune a Volvo V50?

ELEVATE Volvo V50 Performance Software Chip Tuning is truly a revolution in Volvo car performance. We deliver the highest power gains possible. Tuning your Volvo for significantly more power takes just four minutes using our easy to use EPT handheld tuner.

Is the Volvo V50 a good sleeper car?

V50 make good sleepers if you debadge them and fit the most powerful engine mods and handling mods you can ! Smaller engines do not provide much of a return in terms of power so start with a bigger engine. Engine swaps are a good option if you have a small engine size.

What should the toe be on a Volvo V50?

We found that most V50 factory suspension setups need tweaking, a few degrees of toe (set some toe out to improve cornering or use toe in for better stability) and you only need around 0.8 to 1.3 degrees, and a little negative camber will dramatically benefit your cornering and handling.