Is Tiffin Phaeton a good motorhome?

For those who have never driven a rear diesel motorcoach, the Phaeton is a surprisingly comfortable and easy to drive vehicle. For those who have had some experience behind the wheel of a class A motorhome, this coach handles like a dream, with excellent visibility, maneuverability, and road handling characteristics.

Is Tiffin RV still in business?

Will I still be able to have my Tiffin serviced through Tiffin Motorhomes? Yes, all Tiffin service operations will continue as they currently are. We will not be transferring our service operations to THOR Industries in any way.

What are Tiffin Motorhomes worth?

21, 2020, at 11:57 a.m. RED BAY, Ala. (AP) — Indiana-based Thor Industries Inc. said Monday it had bought family-owned Tiffin Motorhomes, the Alabama-based manufacturer of high-end recreational vehicles, in a deal worth $300 million.

Are Tiffin Motorhomes sold?

In a move that may be greeted by some with disappointment, RV giant Thor Industries has bought out Tiffin Motorhomes. The selling price, $300 million, was coughed up by Thor through cash and a company draw-down of existing asset-based credit.

Who makes the Phaeton motorhome?

The Phaeton by Tiffin has consistently been one of the most popular Class A diesel motorhomes in the industry. Phaeton shoppers can choose from among 6 different intuitive floor plans each with its own unique twist on luxury and style.

How tall is a Tiffin Phaeton?


Year 2021
Length 41.33 ft
Width 101 in
Height 159 in

How long has Tiffin RV been in business?

A family-owned business since 1972, Tiffin Motorhomes is the only privately held company of the top 5 manufacturers in the motorhome industry.

Who owns Thor motorhomes?

Thor Industries

Industry Recreational vehicle (RV)
Founded 07/26/1983 (through acquisition of Airstream)
Founders Wade Thompson Peter Busch Orthwein
Headquarters Elkhart, Indiana , United States
Key people Peter Busch Orthwein(Chairman) Bob Martin(CEO)

How much is a Tiffin Phaeton?

Our Price: $339,998

VIN: 5VBPA57A8LA120416
Manufacturer: Tiffin Motorhomes
Model: 40 IH
Floor Length: 41′ or 492.00″
GVWR: 39600 lbs

Who is the CEO of Tiffin Motorhomes?

Bob Tiffin
Bob Tiffin, CEO of Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.

Who owns Tiffin Motorhomes?

Thor Industries
Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc./Parent organizations

What are the reviews of Tiffin Motorhomes RV?

Reviewers write the most about Tiffin Motorhomes Rv and give it 1.9 stars out of 5. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Tiffin Motorhomes to ask questions about: Request for Information, Product/ Service, Staff. Review authors value the most Customer service and Website.

Are there any problems with the Tiffin Phaeton RV?

If you are very very patient the RV may eventually come around. I expected far more than I received for the primeium I paid. We have had the RV since March and the problems just keep coming. I have had over 30 quality problems some very large making my using the motor home impossible. It’s pretty, the layout is great.

Is the Tiffin Phaeton a first class coach?

From the moment you set foot in the 2019 Tiffin Phaeton, you’ll understand why it has been a customer favorite for more than a decade. This coach is first class all the way. The Phaeton is incredibly luxurious, offering an abundance of upscale amenities as standard features. It’s wonderfully spacious, with 7′ ceilings, and four slide-outs.

When does the new Tiffin Phaeton come out?

Miles ahead in every way. Introducing the new 2022 Tiffin Phaeton. Incredibly luxurious and equipped with an abundance of upscale amenities as standard features, the Phaeton continues to remain a customer favorite. And no wonder.