Is there MRCS for ENT?

The MRCS (ENT) requires taking half the number of examinations (two as opposed to four). The MRCS and DOHNS allows a candidate to also apply for other surgical specialties such as general surgery or plastics.

What is the pass rate for MRCS?

As mentioned previously, the pass rate for Part A of the MRCS is relatively low. The two most recent exams, in January and April 2021, had pass rates (the proportion of candidates passing the exam) of 37.7% and 43.6% respectively.

Do you have to pass both papers MRCS?

When you complete the MRCS Part A exam, your marks for both papers (Paper 1: applied basic science and Paper 2: principles of surgery in general) will be combined to give you a total mark for Part A of the assessment. Following the exam, you’ll receive a breakdown of your marks, but no further feedback is provided.

How do I get MRCS ent?

Applicants who successfully complete the Intercollegiate MRCS Part A exam and then successfully sit this exam will be eligible to apply for MRCS (ENT) membership of one of the Royal Surgical Colleges.

Who can apply for MRCS?

Eligibility Criteria for an MRCS Exam To be eligible for the MRCS exam, a candidate must possess a primary medical qualification that is accepted by the United Kingdom General Medical Council. For candidates overseas, they must hold a primary medical qualification, which is accepted by the Councils of the Colleges.

What does MRCS stand for?

Royal College of Surgeons
MRCS. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The letters MRCS indicate a surgeon in training who has achieved a level of generic surgical competencies that enable them to successfully undertake specialist training, and they are current Members of the College. FDSRCS.

How many people pass MRCS?

Summary descriptive statistics: MRCS Part A (written paper)

Total number sat Pass mark %
September 2018 2794 70.3
January 2019 2182 71.5
April 2019 2372 71.9

Is MRCS pass fail?

Thus, the September 2020 MRCS Part A was compared to the September 2019 exam. The pass rate of the September 2018 exam was 33.2%, and the pass rate for the September 2019 MRCS Part A (to which the September 2020 exam was directly compared for standard setting purposes) was 36.3%.

How many times can you fail MRCS?

All candidates will still be subject to the 7-year eligibility rule. Candidates on more than six attempts will not be permitted to sit without providing evidence of additional educational experience, even if they are within the 7-year eligibility period.

Is MRCS equal to MS?

The Medical Council of India which is the authority to consider the equivalence has not stated on way or other as to whether the degree obtained by the petitioner, i.e., M.R.C.S. (General Surgeon) from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, Scotland, is equivalent to M.S./MD degree obtained by a student in India.

Is MRCS exam difficult?

I would rate the difficulty of the exam as moderate, at least it was not something that can be taken lightly. There were times in the exam hall when I was doubting myself over my responses to the questions. Quite a few questions were very tricky, so you have to be on your toes while doing preparation.

How many people pass MRCS first time?

61% of UK candidates passed Part A MRCS at first attempt (4824/7874, Table 1). The majority of candidates were white (3247/5961, 54%), male (5030/7874, 64%), spoke English as their first language (5530/5977, 93%), and graduated from medical school before the age of 29 (i.e. …