Is there a 2016 BMW 530d xDrive test drive?

TEST Drive: 2016 BMW 530d xDrive. Last year was a big year for BMW. Last year was a big year for BMW. Having launched the new flagship for the entire BMW Group, it’s hard to see last year as anything but a new turning point in the 100 years of existence for the Bavarians.

Is the BMW 520d better than the 530d?

Sure, the 520d does outsell the 530d model every year and that’s only understandable as most people will just want a premium car to use as a daily driver, a feat that the 520d will do without even flinching.

Is the BMW 530d a good estate car?

So far as this 530d Touring goes, we just headed out across motorways and back roads and used it like a proper estate car, throwing ever more stuff into it to see how it’d cope. Extremely well, as it turned out.

How big is the boot of a BMW 530d?

Thus, the boot has swelled from 570 litres to 1700 litres, the load floor is flat, there’s little wheelarch intrusion and power points and mounting hooks are revealed for lashing your gubbins to. The luggage cover, which is usually made of plutonium and lead in a posh estate car and makes up half of the kerbweight, isn’t cumbersome.

Why did BMW choose to make the BMW 530d?

Why BMW chose to market its cars like this remains unknown but that was one of the reasons why we went for the European BMW 530d: so that US customers can have a reference point to compare things with. The 530d then remains the champion of the range. That’s because it delivers 258 HP and 560 Nm (416 lb-ft) of torque to the wheels.

Is the BMW 530d M Sport a sports car?

My 530d M Sport isn’t a true sports saloon (the M5 will be along shortly to scratch that itch) but as it’s a BMW wearing M Sport badging you’d expect a degree of enthusiasm. And to an extent that’s what you get.

Which is the BMW 5 Series with all wheel drive?

Also, since the BMW 5 Series range goes from the 518d model up to the M550d xDrive one or the 550i petrol counterpart, we wanted to pick the one that was right in the middle in terms of performance and costs. Guess where that landed us? The BMW 530d, of course, with the option of all-wheel drive xDrive included just for good measure.