Is the Novation Mininova a good value for money?

The MiniNova is sort of a mini powerhouse because it can do so much in such a small package. It is one of the cheapest synths I’ve had the chance of reviewing, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s just a good overall synth which could sound a little better, but is generally a great value product.

Is the Mininova editor available as a plug in?

The MiniNova editor is available as a plug-in only, not as a standalone application. PLEASE FIND THE INSTALLERS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RELEASE NOTES. This software package includes the latest Novation USB driver, MiniNova editor and MiniNova librarian. Updates firmware to 1157.

Which is better Yamaha Tyros 5 or Novation Mininova?

While it comes with far fewer features than a big, expensive keyboard like the TYROS 5 by Yamaha, the smaller size along with the cleaner interface makes it a superior product when you need portability, such as when traveling and doing shows in remote areas.

How big is the Novation Mininova sound system?

The Mininova is considerably more compact than its Ultranova forebear, measuring just 56 x 25cm. Supplementing the trusty cutoff knob are 24 performance-oriented parameters arrayed in the simple 6×4 matrix I alluded to earlier.

How are the patches selected in Novation Mininova?

Patches can be selected by Type or Genre. Turning the rotary switch picks suitable starting points, such as Pad/String, Bass and so on, or genres including Rock/Pop, Dubstep or House/Techno. Take the ‘All’ option if you prefer to scroll through the entire selection one by one.

How does animate pad work on Novation Mininova?

When any ‘Animate’ pad is pressed, it switches to a solid blue colour, indicating that an Animation is engaged. Above the pads, a small Hold button allows you to keep one or more of these Animations active until released.