Is Safeguard soap being discontinued?

It’s time to say farewell to the old guard of antibacterial soaps. While the FDA does not maintain a list of products with these ingredients, popular products like Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar, Safeguard bar soap, and Cuticura antibacterial bars still list triclosan and triclocarban as ingredients.

What is the logo of safeguard?

While the Safeguard logo has gone through numerous modifications since 1960, there has been some consistency. All the versions have featured a shield (as a symbol of protection) and blue (as a symbol of water and purity).

Is Safeguard soap good for pimples?

Use anti-bacterial face and body wash like Safeguard Derma Sense, Safeguard Pure White Body Wash, and Safeguard Floral Pink Body Wash. They are proven to fight pimple-causing bacteria that may cause pimples, bacne, and other skin infections.

Is Safeguard soap still antibacterial?

Is Safeguard Hand Soap antibacterial? Many of the Safeguard products available on this website and at retail stores in the US and Canada are not antibacterial; however, Safeguard hand soap does wash away 99% of bacteria.

Is safeguard a good soap?

5.0 out of 5 stars Best antibacterial soap ever! I’ve used Safeguard for years; it is excellent. It can be drying on aging skin, so use it just where you need it!!!

Which soap kills most germs?

antibacterial soap
As mentioned above, antibacterial soap and plain soap are both effective at killing bacteria on your body, and either can be used in businesses or in the home unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

What is Safeguard soap?

Safeguard Bar Soap eliminates 99% of bacteria, providing essential cleansing care for you and the entire family. It washes away dirt and odor effectively and withfrequent hand washing with Safeguard, it’ll continue to help keep your family healthy. Viewing 8 Products. SORT : POPULARITY.

When did Safeguard soap start?

1963. Procter & Gamble launches Safeguard Deodorant and Antibacterial soap in the U.S. in response to increasing consumer demands for odor and germ protection. Clinical tests reveal that Safeguard reduces bacterial skin count by 99.3%.

Can soap cause pimples?

Yes, standard bar soaps can actually cause acne and inflame your face. “By overly drying the skin, oil glands will try to auto-hydrate and produce more oil or sebum. This can lead to pore clogging and turn on the acne cascade,” warns Dr.

Why Antibacterial soap is bad for you?

Cons of Antibacterial Soap Overuse of antibacterial products can reduce the healthy bacteria on your skin. Added chemicals to antibacterial soaps can remove natural oils, making skin drier. Using antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer can make people think they do not have to wash their hands as thoroughly or frequently.

What is the ingredient of Safeguard soap?

sodium tallowate and/or sodium palmate, sodium cocoate and/or sodium palm kernelate, water, fragrance, sodium chloride, glycerin, coconut acid , palm kernel acid 1, tallow acid 1, palm acid 1, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium EDTA, yellow 10, red 4, green 5.

What is the purpose of Safeguard soap?

Antibacterial body wash is effective at killing germs while cleaning dirt, excess oil, odor, sweat, and makeup from your skin. Many antibacterial body washes, such as Safeguard Pure White Body Wash, continue to protect your skin for hours after washing, to help the fight against illness and infection.