Is Pigeon conditioner good for carp fishing?

The pigeon conditioner becomes the base layer of a spod mix, it’s a mix of seeds that will keep carp, tench and bream grubbing about in the swim and the extra baits you add become the baits you fish with on the hook.

How do you make red band carp?

Here’s how to prepare it:

  1. Place the dry Red Band + Hempseed in a large saucepan.
  2. Now pour on boiling water to cover the seeds.
  3. After about 4 hours you will notice that a lot of the water has been absorbed so add more boiling water to cover the seeds once again.
  4. After an overnight soak the seeds are ready to be cooked.

Can you use bird seed as groundbait for fishing?

It is very cheap, highly visual and can be introduced in quantity without appearing to over feed the carp. Indeed, it is as good a starting point as any when it comes to groundbaits for carp fishing.

How long do you boil bird seed for fishing?

However, if they are used and prepared correctly they cause no harm and make tremendously effective carp baits. All nuts contain highly attractive oils but in order to ensure these are released when in use the nuts should first be soaked for 24 hours and then boiled for between 15-30 minutes.

Can carp eat sunflower seeds?

There are many seed baits available and probably the best known is hempseed. Other well-known seed baits are Red Band, dari seed and sunflower seed. When carp are feeding on small food items they can quickly become totally preoccupied with the bait and will compete for every last seed.

What kind of fish will eat red band?

An effective, yet inexpensive, blend of slightly larger seeds flavoured with aniseed oil. Red Band is highly attractive to carp, tench and other large coarse fish. It’s perhaps one of the best seed mixes of all time (according to some) and it’s outright famous for fishing!

Do you have to boil red band carp?

Red Band definitely benefits from a soak followed by a boil. It is one of those special seed mixes that starts to exude a glutinous milky substance following the boiling process and carp find this sticky liquid practically irresistible.

What kind of food do you use to catch carp?

Just buy a tin of sweet corn kernels. The salty-sweet smell and taste is a magnet for carp right across the States, whatever pond you’re fishing. Secondly, plain old bread delivers excellent results. I like this when I’m fishing ultra-light on the surface.

When is the best time to catch carp?

For some US anglers, the spring heralds the most wonderful time of the year. Carp go on the chew, ravenously devouring anything remotely edible. Carp season. For other anglers, they’re a scourge. Particularly for those that favor a pristine fishing environment, unsullied by an invasive introduced fish species.