Is Nimbus safe to screenshot?

We are committed to complying with the student data privacy laws that apply to your use of Nimbus Screenshot and helping our customers comply with FERPA. In the unlikely event that we go out of business, or file for bankruptcy, we will protect your personal information, and will not sell it to any third-party.

How long can you screen record on Nimbus?

The free version of Nimbus is much more restrictive than the other screen capture tools for Chromebook. The biggest restriction is a 100mb/ month upload limit. That’s only about 10-12 minutes of video per month.

What is the difference between screen shot and screen recording?

While they may seem similar, a screenshot and screen capture are a little different. A screenshot only refers to a static image. A desktop screen capture involves grabbing anything on your screen, including images, animated GIFs, or videos.

Does Nimbus capture audio?

With Nimbus Note, you can record the entire audio and save it for later not to miss any important information. Nimbus Note also gives you the ability to easily record video, which can capture so much more than written text or audio alone.

How do you take a scrolling screenshot?

How to capture scrolling screenshot on Samsung phones

  1. Hold the ‘Volume down’ button and ‘Power’ button at the same time.
  2. Once the screenshot is captured, tap on the “scroll capture” option on the bottom left corner.
  3. You will need to repeat the procedure until you get to the bottom of the page.

How do I cancel my Nimbus subscription?

To cancel, you can email us at [email protected] You can also cancel through your app store operator.

Does Nimbus have a limit?

Recording a video in Nimbus Screenshot always was and still is free with no limits whatsoever.

What is screen capture mode?

Refers to the act of copying what is currently displayed on a screen to a file or printer. If the system is in graphics mode, the screen capture will result in a graphics file containing a bit map of the image. If the system is in text mode, the screen capture will normally load a file with ASCII codes.

How do I make a screen shot on Nimbus?

Right-click and choose an item from the context menu. Use custom hot keys that you configure in Nimbus Screenshot settings. Nimbus Screenshot supports horizontal scrolling. You can take a screenshot and make a screencast record in Microsoft Windows and MacOS devices.

Is there a nimbus capture app for Chrome?

Nimbus Capture is a great screencast tool for Chrome and Chromebooks. Save time from writing by creating visual media to communicate instead. Use Nimbus Capture to record videos of your entire desktop or browser tabs, or create videos using your webcam.

What is Nimbus and what does it do?

Nimbus Screenshot Capture is a productivity application (screenshot program) that allows all Windows and Mac users with a Chrome browser to create, edit and send videos (also called screencast record) and take a screenshots with incredible ease.