Is Mixbook reliable?

Mixbook has a consumer rating of 4.27 stars from 51 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Mixbook ranks 8th among Photo Printing sites.

Are Mixbook and Shutterfly the same company?

Despite being a much larger corporation, Shutterfly ads just as much TLC into their books as Mixbook. Before trying out Shutterfly, I assumed that their business revolved around making almost scrapbook-esque family albums and instant prints. Shutterfly can, in fact, accomplish those tasks.

Does Mixbook have a page limit?

Currently our general or traditional photo books such as softcovers and hardcovers (matte and glossy) can have a maximum of 399 pages, while our Layflat books can have a maximum of 99 pages! Furthermore, each book must have a minimum of 10 pages.

How long does it take to get a photobook from Mixbook?

Like most photo book services, Mixbook aces it with regards to production and shipping times. The books are usually printed under 1-2 business days and are then immediately shipped to any place in the world in order to get the product to your doorstep within the course of one to three weeks.

Is Shutterfly better than Mixbook?

Shutterfly has a wider range of types of printed products — just about anything you can imagine having a photo on it. But Mixbook is easier to use, more flexible and better at enabling your creativity.

Can you add pages to mixbook?

To add a spread of 2 pages, click the “Add Pages” button found at the upper part of the page just below the Share, Save and Preview buttons.

Can I add more pages to mixbook?

To change the order of your pages, click on any page spread in the All Pages view, and drag it to its new location in the book. If you want to add more pages, you have to add them two at a time. That’s just the way book printing goes. Be sure to order your book well in advance of when you’ll need it.

How long does Mixbook take to deliver?

Production and delivery time with standard shipping usually takes 7-12 business days, but if express shipping is chosen then this is reduced to 4-5 business days. Note, however, that Mixbook does not provide weekend delivery regardless of which shipping method is selected.

How long has Mixbook been making photo books?

Since that time I’ve gone on to make several books with Mixbook and over the years the company has expanded its photo book product lines as well as added other custom photo products such as canvas prints, cards, calendars and prints. This year, (2016 as of this update) the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.

What kind of books can you make with Mixbook?

Images of the photo book guest book I made with Mixbook are at top right and the group cookbook project are below. I found the program very easy to use and everyone loved their books! Mixbook offers both hardcover and softcover books in 7 sizes ranging from 8×6 to 14×11. Format options include square, landscape and portrait books.

How big are the metal prints in Mixbook?

Metal prints in two sizes (8 x 10 and 14 x 11). Poster prints in 4 sizes (11 x 14; 16 x 20; 30 x 20; 36 x 24) All sizes in inches. Check out all of Mixbook’s Latest Discounts and Deals! 50% off your first order from Mixbook! *Click here for my detailed NEW* Mixbook Premium Lustre Lay Flat Photo Book Review Looking for a Groupon deal?