Is Mainfreight a good investment?

If you are looking for stocks with good return, Mainfreight Limited can be a profitable investment option. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +124.03%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $224.03 in 2026.

Who owns Mainfreight NZ?

founder Bruce Plested
Mainfreight founder Bruce Plested says businesses can help solve inequality and low wage growth through profit sharing with employees, which this year cost the company $27 million.

How many employees does Mainfreight have?


Formerly Mainfreight Transport Limited
Services Transport, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Management
Revenue $3.54 billion (2021)
Operating income $188 milliom (2021)
Number of employees 9,240 (2021)

How many branches does Mainfreight have?

The Global Supply Chain Team you want to partner with Around town, or around the world, with over 280 branches in our extensive global network, Mainfreight delivers wherever your product needs to go.

Is mainfreight overvalued?

PB vs Industry: MFT is overvalued based on its PB Ratio (8.2x) compared to the XO Logistics industry average (2x).

How do I buy shares in mainfreight NZ?

How to buy shares in Mainfreight on the New Zealand Exchange

  1. Compare share trading platforms.
  2. Open and fund your share trading account.
  3. Search for Mainfreight.
  4. Purchase now or later.
  5. Decide on how many to buy.
  6. Check in on your investment.

Who is the biggest trucking company in New Zealand?

HW Richardson Group –
HW Richardson Group – The largest privately-owned NZ transport company.

What makes Mainfreight different?

“Special people, special company” embodies Mainfreight and its unique culture. We have developed a style of doing business successfully not only in New Zealand, but around the world. We are an 8000+ strong global team, but ask our people and they’ll tell you it’s like being part of one big blue-blooded family.

Who are Mainfreight competitors?

Mainfreight’s primary competitors are Toll Group, Linfox & Trustpower.

What does Mainfreight NZ do?

Company Profile As a global logistics provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding. With team and branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the Americas Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint.

How do I buy shares in Mainfreight NZ?

Does Mainfreight pay a dividend?

Stable Dividend: MFT is not paying a notable dividend for the NZ market, therefore no need to check if payments are stable….Stability and Growth of Payments.

Oct 07 2021
dividend yield 0.8%
dividend per share NZ$0.750

Is there a Mainfreight service from Christchurch to Auckland?

Launched in September 2014 Mainfreight Platinum is a dedicated overnight service ex Christchurch to Auckland and vice versa. Operating 5 days a week we offer a 48hour delivery solution into main centres of the upper North Island.

Where is Mainfreight located in the Canterbury region?

In the Freight category, Mainfreight Limited is located in the Canterbury Region and are here to help you. Check out Mainfreight Limited today. We await Rate this business – be the first! We are Mainfreight Limited in the Canterbury Region. We are your local providers in the Freight category. Get in touch now!

How big is the Mainfreight depot in Christchurch?

We have been operating from our new site since September 2014 offering our customers a top of the line facility, purpose built to best fit their needs. Built with efficiency in mind, our 12,800 m² depot incorporates raised dock-ways and rail line running directly into the centre of the depot designed to handle our multi-modal operation.

How big is the train depot in Christchurch?

Built with efficiency in mind, our 12,800 m² depot incorporates raised dock-ways and rail line running directly into the centre of the depot designed to handle our multi-modal operation. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles which covers the city of Christchurch and the surrounding areas.