Is Count Kustoms real or fake?

While it may seem like an absurd fake backstory for an already pretty absurd personality as is, this little tidbit is entirely true. Count Koker, aka Danny Koker, has his own rock band by the name of Count’s 77. They’re a legit band, too, with videos and show dates, active in the Las Vegas scene.

Why is Counting Cars fake?

While Danny Koker does state that everything on Counting Cars is real, the show is purportedly faking it up in some aspects. For one, the per project budgets aren’t as strict as they are portrayed on the series. Neither are the “time limits” to get a job done on a particular vehicle.

Is Danny Koker a real mechanic?

Danny “The Count” Koker is the proprietor of Count’s Kustoms, a shop devoted to the repair and restoration of motor vehicles, automobiles, and motorcycles in particular. Koker, who grew up in Cleveland and Detroit, is a self-taught mechanic who comes from a family of Ford Motor Company employees.

Why was Roli fired from Counts Kustoms?

The most likely explanation is that Roli no longer wished to remain in front of the camera or sought better career opportunities. Thus, he decided to step away from the show.

Does Ryan still work for Count’s Kustoms?

As the lead painter and airbrush artist, Ryan oversees all of the amazing automotive artwork that makes Count’s Kustoms famous. Discovered by lead bike builder Shannon 21 years ago, Ryan is now Danny’s right hand man in conceptualizing and completing each and every project that comes through the shop.

Who got fired from Counts Kustoms?

By the time Season 3 of Counting Cars rolled around, Scott was nowhere to be found. This was troubling to viewers, considering he was a big part in Count’s Kustoms’ day-to-day operations. It turns out Scott was replaced by Kevin Mack, Danny’s best friend.

Who got fired from Count’s Kustoms?

Why was Roli fired from the Kustoms accounts? On the show, no solid reason was ever given to leave and fans wondered what happened. Some of these theories were quite far-fetched. One was that Danny Koker had fired him for embezzlement.

Did Scott get fired from Counts Kustoms?

Though the main reason for his departure was never actually mentioned on the show, it is clear that Scott does not work at Count’s Kustoms anymore. It states that Scott from Counting Cars moved to Tennessee after the birth of his son. It has been shown many times in the show that he had a connection to the state.

Who was fired from Counts Kustoms?

How much is Ryan on Count’s Kustoms worth?

According to, the net worth of Ryan Evans is between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

What happened Roli Szabo?

Judging by Instagram, it looks like Roli still lives in Las Vegas and he’s still detailing cars. In fact, he even owns his own business now, called Rock N Roli Kustom Detailing. His social media is full of his different work projects and proof of his love for cars, motorcycles, and everything in between.

Where is Scott from Counts Kustoms now?

At Count’s Kustoms, Kevin Mack took over Scott’s position and has remained an integral member of the crew. Not much is known about Scott’s life after leaving the show. It is believed that he opened his own shop in Greeneville, Tennessee, and currently resides there.