Is Azazel a mutant or demon?

Azazel is a mutant from biblical times who leads the Neyaphem and is father to X-Men member Nightcrawler, Abyss & Kiwi Black. Rumor has it that he is in actuality a true demon, or at least possesses the blood of one….Azazel (Marvel Comics)

Species Mutant Demon
Gender Male
Relations Neyaphem Hellfire Club (Movies only)

How old is Azazel?

Decelerated Aging: Azazel possesses slow aging; it is unknown how old he truly is. His comic counterpart is over 1,000 years old. He may have met Sebastian Shaw before the events of WWII and is very likely his first and oldest ally as the both have a means of aging slowly.

Is nightcrawler a demon?

Nightcrawler really is part demon. An evil creature with red skin, pointed ears, and a tail already gives Azazel, Nightcrawler’s birth father, quite a resemblance to Satan. Of course, Kurt himself is a well-known servant of God, so to say he has issues with his dad is an understatement.

Is Azazel immortal?

Powers and Abilities Azazel displayed a number of super-human and magical abilities; He was stated to be the world’s most powerful teleporter. His powers include: Immortality: Azazel is an extremely long-lived mutant.

Is Azazel dead?

Azazel is killed with the Colt. Azazel escapes from John’s grasp and returns to his body, but Dean already has the Colt and shoots him in the chest, killing him.

Why is Nightcrawler bad in X2?

Nightcrawler loves fighting, something the movies got completely wrong. The films show him fighting, but he doesn’t enjoy it. In X2, he only attacked the White House because Stryker was controlling him. The X2 video game later explained that Nightcrawler left the X-Men before X3 because they were too violent for him.