How well does the Specialized Enduro climb?

Likely due to the increased anti-squat number, the Enduro climbs quite well even with big 29″ wheels and tires and a weight over 31lbs.. Probably more importantly though, the Enduro descends well too. The new Enduro is so capable when the trail points down that I would have no need for a full on DH bike.

How much does the Specialized Enduro Comp weight?

At 14.7kg (32.4lb) with our Maxxis control tyres fitted, it’s not hurting the bike on scales though. Specialized ditched its in-house dropper post program recently, so the Elite build gets an X-Fusion Manic that works really well, but seatpost insertion with the pierced frame design is limited.

How much travel does a Specialized Enduro have?

Bigger wheels maintain momentum better than smaller wheels—particularly over technical terrain. That’s why the new Enduro rolls exclusively on 29-inch wheels. It marries 170 millimeters of suspension travel with big wheels in a package that’s crazy fast.

Is Enduro a good bike?

Over the years, trail bikes have become more and more capable while enduro bikes have become increasingly efficient. Of course, the best enduro bike is capable of handling the most demanding trails… … but it’s a lot of fun on flowing trails too!

Can Enduro bikes climb?

Climbs great, bombs like DH bike. Bike barely bobs on the uphill, it’s amazing. Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 carbon. Climbs great as long as you lean forward a bit on very steep climbs to keep the front wheel down.

Does the Specialized Enduro have a flip chip?

The Specialized Enduro has a flip chip in the rear shock mount. This setting makes the most sense for the intended use of the Enduro. However, if you ride the bike as an all-rounder, you’d better set the flip chip to high.

How much does a Specialized Stumpjumper weigh?

5.33 lbs
The full Stumpjumper frame assembly* (barely) tips the scales at an unbelievable 5.33 lbs (2,420g), but Specialized didn’t compromise in their quest for light weight. The Stumpy punches above its weight, setting the bar for mid-travel trail bikes in handling characteristics, pedaling efficiency and trail toughness.

What is Specialized comp?

For specialized it usually means compact gearing. my bike was called a “sport comp” model. my new bike is just the “comp” Edit: Down voted for having input.

How much is a specialized Enduro?

The new Enduro comes in four complete bikes priced from $4,510 for the Enduro Comp Carbon 29 to $9,750 for the Enduro S-Works Carbon 29. The S-Works frameset sells for $3,310.

What’s the difference between a trail and enduro bike?

The simple definition we like is that a trail bike is a more fun XC bike. It is a bike that can climb but really wants to be flicked around on the downhill section of trails. Similarly, an enduro bike is like a downhill bike that can be ridden uphill.

Are enduro bikes good for jumping?

Can an Enduro Bike Handle the Jumps and Drops Going Downhill? Absolutely. Remember that these are All Mountain bikes which means they are meant to be a good general-purpose bike. They aren’t quite as heavy duty as trail bikes on the trails, and they aren’t quite as fast as xc bikes on singletracks.

Can I use a downhill bike for enduro?

Downhill bikes have a shorter wheelbase so they can make sharper turns. This wheelbase does make the Enduro bike more stable however. Downhill bikes are actually generally lighter than enduro bikes so they can be quicker.

Is the Specialized Enduro elite a demo bike?

If you saw our first ride report on the S-Works Specialized Enduro, you know we were impressed with the completely redesigned bike right off the bat. What was once a glorified XC bike two-decades ago is now much closer to a short-travel Specialized Demo DH bike. We’ve been riding the Enduro Elite for several months in preparation of this review.

What kind of bike is the specialized 650B?

Product Specialized Enduro Comp 650b Bike Model Year 2015 Riding Type Enduro / All-Mountain Rider Unisex Sizes and Geometry S, M, L View Geometry Size S M L Top Tub

What kind of suspension does Specialized Enduro use?

If you guessed that it rides like a 170mm Demo that you can still pedal to the top of your local hill, you’d be right. Specialized continues to use the tried and true Horst Link suspension design, although it rides quite a bit differently than previous Enduros.

What’s the difference between the Enduro and enduro elite?

The leverage curve on the new Enduro is more progressive and doesn’t flatten out at the end of the travel. If you were struggling to find volume reducers to throw in your shock last year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as how this bike handles big hits. Another change at the rear end of the Enduro comes in the form of frame stiffness.