How reliable is a Yamaha FZ1?

Reliability & build quality Reliability wise problems with the Yamaha FZ1/FZS1000 are very rare – accident or theft damage is more likely.

Is the FZ1 a good bike?

Voted Most Helpful Review 2001 Yamaha FZ1 Sport Bikes View Listings. It’s a great all around bike for touring and street riding. I have been riding bikes since 1969 and this FZ-1 is the best bike by far. It is rock solid reliable, has easy maintanance and a high MPG.

Is FZ1 fast?


2001-2004 2008-2009
Power 93.1 kW (124.9 hp) (rear wheel) 94.13 kW (126.23 hp) (rear wheel)
Torque 100.2 N⋅m (73.9 lb⋅ft) (rear wheel) 88.36 N⋅m (65.17 lb⋅ft) (rear wheel)
Top speed 154 mph (248 km/h) 153.6 mph (247.2 km/h)

Is 2003 FZ1 fuel injected?

Thereӳ more fuel-injected power in that smooth 20-valve four-cylinder than most riders will ever use in a sure-footed chassis. Itӳ a riderӳ best ally, from track days, to commuting, to touring.

Is a 2001 FZ1 fuel injected?

Our ultimate street brawler brings 998cc of fuel-injected R1 power to the fray, in a light and strong aluminum frame….Yamaha FZ-1 Fazer.

Make Model Yamaha FZ-1 Fazer
Engine Oil Synthetic, 20W/40
Induction Fuel injection
Ignition Digital TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition with 32-bit ECU
Spark Plug NGK, CR9EK

When did FZ1 get abs?

ABS was offered as an option in 2007 on the FZ1 Fazer but not the FZ1.

Is FZ1 fuel injected?

– Adjustable suspension lets the FZ1 be dialed in for a wide range of uses, everything from urban assault to sport touring….Yamaha FZ-1 Fazer.

Make Model Yamaha FZ-1 Fazer
Lubrication Wet sump
Engine Oil Synthetic, 20W/40
Induction Fuel injection
Ignition Digital TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition with 32-bit ECU

Is the Yamaha FZ1 still a good bike?

To ride one today, 17 years after its introduction, is to be astonished by just how right Yamaha got it on the first try. By modern standards, it feels a bit tippy-toe and the weight is carried high in the frame, but it’s easy for even shorter riders to shove around a parking lot.

How many miles on a 2002 Toyota Celica?

I bought my 2002 new and have 190,000 miles on it. I just returned from a seven week 9400 mile road trip. My guitar, my golf clubs, my clothes with room for a passenger. This is one of those amazing cars like the old Honda Civic Hatchback that do so many things well. On top of that, this design was over the top for a $20K sports car.

What’s the difference between a Fazer and a FZ1?

The unfaired FZ1 is everything the faired Fazer manages to be and slightly less. Billed as a ‘street’ tool in Yamaha’s line-up, as opposed to the Fazer’s ‘sports’ tag, the FZ1 is presumably designed largely for posing around town on.

Why does the FZ1 feel smaller in size?

The FZ1 feels smaller with no fairing or screen blocking the view, and as a result there is a perception of it being more nimble, especially at slow speed. It isn’t, although the missing bodywork means very narrow gaps and U-turns in tight spots can be judged with a touch more accuracy.