How reliable are National Express coaches?

They are reasonably reliable, but I wouldn’t take a chance on something as important as that. They are usually reliable, but like all of us, can be held up by traffic on the way.

Are there toilets in National Express coaches?

Yes, all of our coaches have toilet facilities and some of our longer journeys will include comfort breaks at motorway services.

Do you have to wear a mask on National Express?

You are expected to wear a face covering in coach stations and on board the coach, unless exempt. You may be refused travel if you fail to do so. Please check and comply with the latest local guidance. If you can, bring hand sanitiser gel for use during your journey.

Is Megabus reliable UK?

Megabus are cheap if booked up “non-refundable” but are not reliable when it comes to timetables and I’ve experienced this before. I travel pretty regularly between Scotland and London and find Megabus Gold an excellent way to travel.

Are National Express coaches always on time?

They coaches should be punctual, but bear in mind that if anything goes wrong on the night – breakdown, collision, driver taken ill, passenger incident – the service will almost certainly be cancelled as National Express do not have standby coaches and drivers ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice at night.

What happens if I miss my coach National Express?

If you miss the booked departure time, you will be required to purchase a new ticket, unless you have our Change & Go add-on which can be chosen when purchasing Airport journeys online.

How many bags are you allowed on National Express?

Weigh it – You can take two medium-sized suitcases or one large suitcase (each weighing no more than 20kg) on your coach, plus a small piece of hand luggage. Label it – Luggage tags are essential to help recover your possessions in the event of a loss.

Can I buy a National Express ticket for someone else?

3.1 Your ticket A Ticket may only be used by the person(s) named in it or for whom it has been purchased and may not be transferred to or used by anyone else.

How strict is Megabus with luggage UK?

megabus doesn’t check luggage or provide receipts for luggage transported on the coach by passengers. We don’t mind what your luggage is packed in, and we only ask that it weighs no more than 20kg. It can’t be any bigger than a standard ‘large’ suitcase.

Are Megabus seats comfortable?

The Megabus has a comfortable interior. Your luggage will be stored down below the bus. As for the interior, Megabus seats are fairly comfortable, with thick padding. There’s ample leg room and space to store your carryon baggage or backpack under the seat.

What happens if I miss my connecting coach National Express?

What should I do if I miss my coach? If you miss your coach and want to travel on a later service, you’ll need to buy a new ticket. You can only use your ticket for the journey you booked.

How many reviews are there for National Express?

42,279 reviews matching your search. Reset filters. Travelled to London, friendly driver, temperature checked before boarding, smooth journey and considerably cheaper than using the train The driver from Southampton to Warwick…

Where does National Express fly to in the UK?

National Express coach & bus tickets for travel to over 900 destinations throughout the UK including London airports Heathrow, Gatwick & Stansted. National Express offer Britain’s only scheduled coach network reaching around 1000 destinations in England, Scotland and Wales. “ First time using national express.

Are there any drawbacks to the National Express?

I take the National Express a lot, and generally have good experiences. The only drawback was that the internet is too complicated to log on to or not working, even with the VUER app (if it’s accessible at all). While this can be remedied with a personal hotspot from a smart phone, it would be great if people didn’t have to use their data.

How is the service from Victoria to Fareham fair?

Travelling from Victoria to Fareham fair is very cheap the service is very good excellent Coaches on time, spotless, drivers very respectful Travel to from London for a short… Travel to from London for a short break. Coaches on time, clean and felt safe (covid). Drivers professional and courteous. Good value for money.