How old is Alex Delvecchio?

89 years (December 4, 1931)
Alex Delvecchio/Age

Where is Alex Delvecchio now?

Oakland County
Today. Delvecchio, 89, lives in Oakland County with his wife, Judy.

Is Alex Delvecchio in the Hall of Fame?

Delvecchio was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1977, and in 2017 was named one of the “100 Greatest NHL Players” in history.

What number was Alex Delvecchio?

Despite the fact that he is a Hall of Famer, his jersey number 10 is retired, and a huge sculpture of him graces the corridor of Joe Louis Arena, Red Wing legend Alex Delvecchio remains one of the most underrated athletes in the history of hockey.

How many goals did Gordie Howe score in the WHA?

801 goals
At his retirement, his 801 goals, 1049 assists, and 1850 total points were all NHL records that stood until they were broken by Wayne Gretzky, who himself has been a major champion of Howe’s legacy….Gordie Howe.

Gordie Howe OC
Playing career 1946–1971 1973–1980

What numbers have the Red Wings retired?

4 becomes the Red Wings’ eighth retired number in franchise history, joining Sid Abel (No. 12), Alex Delvecchio (No. 10), Gordie Howe (No. 9), Nicklas Lidstrom (No.

Who was the oldest NHL player ever?

Gordie Howe
The oldest player in NHL history is Gordie Howe (Canada, b. 31 March 1928), who played his final NHL game on 11 April 1980 aged 52 years 11 days.

Who wore #6 for the Red Wings?

Larry Aurie
#6 – Larry Aurie Aurie was a cornerstone player during the organization’s early days, including the years spent as the Detroit Cougars and Falcons. He was Detroit’s top player during their first two Stanley Cups—in 1936 and 1937.

Who is the oldest person in the NHL 2021?

Zdeno Chara was the oldest in 2020-21. He was 43 years old.

Zach Parise 2020-21 13:57
Joe Pavelski 2020-21 19:01
Carl Soderberg 2020-21 14:25
Ryan Suter 2020-21 22:11