How much time does Overcast save?

Overcast says its Smart Speed feature has saved me 30 hours (over the last ~5 months), so I expect it to save me 100 hours within a year.

Does Overcast cost money?

The cost of Overcast Premium is $9.99/year, which is probably more than the last standalone podcast client you purchased, but also considerably less than some other options that are available. In our opinion, it’s a very fair price for an app that relies heavily on external servers to provide the features it offers.

What is smart speed in Overcast?

Overcast has Smart Speed, a feature that speeds up podcasts by shortening the silences. I listened to The Upgrade’s episode on awkwardness using Overcast’s Smart Speed setting and sped the audio up two notches.

How does smart speed work?

The innovative feature behind the SmartSpeed technology is a two speed EC fan motor that changes speed according to system operation and ambient conditions. On evaporators, the motor speed reduces to low speed when the compressor cycles off, saving energy without sacrificing product integrity.

Does overcast mean rain?

An overcast sky does not mean heavy rain, or precipitation of any sort, is on its way. The reasons for an overcast sky are many and varied, and although an overcast sky can certainly indicate that rain is likely to occur, it is definitely not a guarantee.

What is the difference between cloudy and overcast?

A cloudy sky is typically one in which clouds dominate over the sun during the day, or obscure the stars at night. An overcast sky is usually saved to describe a sky that is 100% and completely covered in clouds with zero breaks in between.

Is Apple podcasts better than Overcast?

Overall, there are lots of great options for podcast apps. If you want a default Apple experience, use Apple Podcasts. If you want the best overall audio experience, Overcast is hands down the best. If you subscribe to a lot of shows, Castro can help you manage your now playing list.

What is the difference between cloudy and Overcast?

What is speed for sport?

Speed is the distance covered divided by the time it takes to cover that distance. In sports such as swimming or running, the speed is covered in a straight line. However, speed for a football, basketball, netball or water polo player may mean changing direction while moving.

Is overcast and cloudy the same?

Is overcast worse than cloudy?

Many people have heard the claim that UV Rays are stronger on cloudy days, but often this thought is disregarded entirely as a myth. Clouds can block up to 70-90% of these UV-B rays during times of extreme overcast. If, however, the forecast presents itself as “partly cloudy,” the situation is entirely different.

How much does it cost to use overcast?

Overcast is a self-funded app that has sustainably succeeded on its merits and respected your privacy for the last 6 years. Overcast is free, supported by small visual ads to promote podcasts. You can optionally hide them for $10/year.

Is the overcast app a trademark of Apple?

Overcast, Smart Speed, and Voice Boost are registered U.S. trademarks. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Do you have to pay for overcast podcasts?

Overcast is free, supported by small visual ads to promote podcasts. You can optionally hide them for $10/year. Download now and see if it’s right for you. Overcast works with the open, standard world of podcasts with public RSS feeds. Simply add your podcast to Apple Podcasts and it’ll show up here.