How much is a subscription to trade the news?

Standard Equity Text-based Membership is $150-per month and includes the platform with U.S. headlines, e-mail reports, calendars, daily U.S., Asia and European market updates. Premium 13F Radar Membership is $225-per month which includes the 13F Radar tool in addition to the Standard Equity features.

Is briefing com free? offers three tiers of service – Briefing In Play, Briefing In Play Plus, and Briefing Trader – each of which are available to try free for 30 days. This service is particularly useful for providing the in-depth analysis required by swing traders and costs $90 per month or $720 annually.

What is the cost of benzinga pro?

How the Benzinga Pro Promo Code Works

Benzinga Pro Plan Regular Prices Discounted Prices
Basic Monthly $99/month $74.25/month*
Basic Quarterly $297/quarter $222.75/quarter
Basic Annual $948/annum $711/annum
Essential Monthly $177/month $132.75/month

Is Benzinga Pro worth?

Yes, Benzinga Pro is worth it if you are day trading, and fast access to the news gives you an edge in the market. The audio news squawk box and chat with the news desk are powerful features that enable you to act quickly, improving your trading profits. Also, Benzinga Alerts identify possible trading opportunities.

What is a squawk trading?

A squawk box refers to the speaker of an intercom or a public-address system used on trading desks to broadcast information. Squawk boxes are commonly found at brokerage firms and investment banks to broadcast information relating to trades.

Why did Deere stock drop?

Deere stock was dropping Friday, even though the agricultural equipment maker beat fiscal third-quarter earnings projections and raised its forecast for full-year profits. Baird analyst Mig Dobre called the quarter a solid beat and noted that Deere was buying its joint venture with Hitatchi.

Is there anything better than Benzinga?

Benzinga Pro’s key competitors are MetaStock Refinitiv, Reuters Eikon, and Bloomberg. While Benzinga delivers a newsfeed as fast as its rivals, it beats its competitors on price. Benzinga Pro costs $117 per month compared to MetaStock Refinitiv at $250 per month, or Bloomberg at $2,000 per month.

Is briefing com any good? In Play is a great real-time market news feature with broad market coverage, insights, market analysis and fundamentals. The platform is easy to use and straightforward. The pricing is a bit intransparent, and you have to leave your email address first before you can see the cost.

What is the difference between brief and debrief?

Brief is a verb as well, meaning “to summarize” or “to give instructions.” This last definition gave rise to debrief, which means “to question or get information from someone.” People are often “briefed,” given instruction, and later “debriefed” on how the instructions were carried out.