How much is a full size Scentsy warmer?

Scentsy Jane Full-Size Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

List Price: $35.00 Details
Price: $31.50
You Save: $3.50 (10%)

How many square feet does a Scentsy Warmer cover?

Our Large warmers will scent a 300 square foot space so typically more than one warmer is recommend to get the BEST scent effect! Our warmers do require a wall plug as they need a very small amount of electricity to work .

Can you leave Scentsy warmer on all day?

How long can I leave my Scentsy warmer on? A. As long as you feel comfortable leaving it on. Think of it as a night light, I leave mine on 24/7.

Do Scentsy warmers use a lot of electricity?

Every Scentsy warmer has an LED light and the total wattage of the warmer is 14W. If you use your Scentsy warmer for 1 hour you will consume 14 watt hours of electricity. As an example a warmer that is used 24 hours a day will consume 0.014×24=0.336 KWh.

Is Scentsy bad for your health?

Scentsy bars are a safer option than wicked candles in the world of home fragrance. They are safer than wicked candles because they are flameless, smokeless and lead-free, which means no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released into the air; unlike traditional candles which also release soot.

Can you use any wax in a Scentsy warmer?

you can use any wax.

What is the best selling Scentsy Scent?

Most Popular Scentsy Fragrances

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar. $6.00. Shop Now.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • French Lavender Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • Just Breathe Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • Luna Scentsy Bar. $6.00.
  • Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar. $6.00.

Why is my Scentsy not smelling?

Why can’t I smell my favorite Scentsy Bar anymore? Occasionally, you can become immune to a scent or fragrance note by simply warming it too frequently. For example, if you warm cinnamon fragrances all year, your nose may actually begin to filter out the smell of cinnamon.

Is it bad to leave Scentsy on overnight?

Can I Leave My Scentsy ON Overnight? Yup! You sure can. Scentsy Warmers aren’t flamed Candles.

How long does the wax last in a Scentsy?

between 50 and 60 hours
A Scentsy wax bar can last anywhere between 50 and 60 hours. However, there are many factors that will affect the longetivity of a fragrance. For instance, the strenght of the fragrance, location of a warmer in your home, humidity and even the time of year can affect how long the wax will last.

How many cubes do you put in a Scentsy warmer?

You only need to use one small cube at a time, and some customers even cut the cube and use half at a time. If you have a mid size or larger warmer, we usually suggest two cubes at a time, at the most!

Can Scentsy make dogs sick?

No. Scentsy Oils are not intended to be applied topically or ingested.

What size bulb goes in a Scentsy warmer?

The Scentsy Nightlight uses a 15watt light bulb. Similar to that of a night light. The midsize warmer uses at 20 Watt light bulb and the full size Scentsy Warmer uses a 25 Watt light bulb. It is best to buy replacement lightbulbs from Scentsy so you can make sure you are using the correct Wattage for…

What are the different types of Scentsy warmers?

Scentsy has 3 types of warmers. Mini warmers, element warmers and standard warmers. Mini warmers also called “night lights” plug into the wall directly, they run on a lightbulb. The wax goes into a dish that’s already built into the warmer. These warmers can also be converted into a tabletop version just by using a base (which is sold separately).

What makes Scentsy warmers unique?

What Makes Scentsy Warmers Different? Scentsy warmers ARE different than what you can find in a big box store. For starters, they are made in China for a reason. The clay used to form the warmers is only found in a specific region of China.

How many cubes should I use in a Scentsy warmer?

How many cubes of Scentsy wax should be used in a Scentsy warmer? It’s recommended to use 1-5 cubes per warmer; depending on space.